Forget over-the-top florals and fancy finger food. All you really need for the best wedding ever is a dapper, downright adorable pooch in attendance. Don’t believe us? Keep on scrollin’. 

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The tiniest wreath for the tiniest nugget.

But I am le tired, says this super-chill guest.

Flower-bedecked white Labs > centerpieces.

Bruiser’s really into #greenery this season.

These cuffs. We can’t.

Is it just us or is Scruffy getting misty-eyed?

This loyal watchdog won’t leave mama’s side even for a minute.

Easily the prettiest gal at the wedding.

Steady, steady, says this determined ring bearer.

This handsome Bernese came for the people watching.

This stylin’ collie suited up for mom and dad’s nuptials.

The only thing better than a pooch in a bow tie? Two of 'em. 

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