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You booked your wedding date a year out. How were you supposed to know the skies would open up into a downpour right in time for you and your hubby to say “I do”? Don’t fret. Rain on your wedding day isn’t just a sign of good luck, it’s also a sign you’ll have good photos. Seriously. Here, eight times rain made wedding photos even more magical. 

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rainy wedding bridge

Who would’ve thought a foggy drizzle could add such depth of field? 

raindy wedding blue
Vadven/Getty Images

Now imagine this photo without the brilliant pop of color.

rainy wedding kiss
Twenty 20

Having something to hold—like an umbrella—makes kissing pics significantly less awkward. 

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rainy wedding street

If only there were an Instagram filter for such a colorful (and romantic) sheen.

rainy wedding stars

Did we mention, in the right light, raindrops look like a million twinkling stars?

rainy wedding

And that clear umbrellas beautifully filter natural light.

rainy wedding boat

Bonus points if you get creative. (Come on, that suit will dry out by cocktail hour.)

rainy wedding barn

And if you find a way to prevent the bridal party from getting wet: picture goldmine.

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