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You planned your face off leading up to the wedding, but (whoops) even the most with-it and organized bride can forget to anticipate every last-minute cost. Don’t fret: That’s where we come in. Here, the most whoa-that-came-out-of-nowhere surprise wedding expenses to add to your budgeting spreadsheet now. 

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wedding cost mani

Pre-Wedding Beauty Treatments

No, we’re not talking about the costs for you and your bridal party day-of, but rather the general maintenance you put in to look (and feel) your best on a regular basis. Maybe it’s getting your hair cut and colored. Or a brow wax or eyelash extensions. Whatever your typical beauty regimen, you can bet you won’t want to skip (or skimp) on any part of it leading up to “I do.”

wedding cost party

Food for Your Wedding Party

If you’re asking them to spend a full day getting prepped for your big day, it goes without saying that you should provide a hearty and decent meal. Maybe it’s asking your mom to pick up fresh fruit and bagel sandwiches (plus, Champagne)…or maybe it’s asking your wedding planner to cater lunch. Either way, make sure you set aside funds.

wedding cost hotel

A Hotel Room (or Airbnb) for the Night Before

Duh, you can’t see the groom the night before the wedding. If you’re already living together, this means one of you has to crash somewhere else the night before the wedding. And, unless you’ve got family nearby or a bridesmaid (or groomsman) who doesn’t mind letting you bunk up gratis, you’ll have to shell out.

wedding cost hotel after

…And a Hotel Room (or Airbnb) for the Night After

Yep, unless you live your life like the movies and leave your wedding reception for the airport (and your honeymoon), you and your hubby will need a place to stay the night after “I do,” too—and ideally close to where the reception is happening. Research this. Plan for this. (Remember, the early bird gets the best hotel rates.)

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wedding cost transportation

Transportation for You and Your Guests

Even if you’re getting ready a ten-minute drive from the venue, you’ll need a plan—and possibly a Lyft or limo—to help you get there on time and in style. Sadly, this is one logistical (read: costly) problem that doesn’t tend to surface until you’re a matter of weeks out from getting hitched. Ditto transportation for your guests to and from the ceremony and reception. If you need to reserve a bus, price it out (and start saving for it) now.

wedding cost mom gift
Julia_Sudnitskaya/Getty Images

A Thank-You Gift for Your Parents

But seriously, your mom (and OK, mother-in-law) put up with all your worst borderline bridezilla moments. (Bridezilla? You? Never.) Cue the thank-you speech—and thank-you gift—at the rehearsal dinner. Sure, it doesn’t have to be the most expensive thing on the planet, but a $100 gift card for a massage will still set you back at a time when money is tight.

wedding cost officiant

…And Your Officiant

Your BFF got certified online and officiated your wedding. The least you could do is show your gratitude with a gift. (Same deal for the officiant who’s not your BFF.)

wedding cost dj

Vendor Meals

In a perfect world, your caterer helps you budget for feeding your DJ. But if your lighting guy shows up with an assistant (or two), all three of them will have to eat. Reality check: You will be billed.

wedding cost incidental

The Incidentals

Oh no, the forecast says rain. You’re going to have to buy some nice umbrellas. Or whoops, you forgot you wanted a new pair of Spanx to go under your slinky dress. Do your best to budget early for miscellaneous. Even setting aside $150 can help.

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