The Average Cash Gift for Weddings Is More Than You Think

Buying wedding gifts from the registry is all well and good, but real talk for a sec: Cash (or writing a good old-fashioned check) is king when it comes to toasting the newlyweds with a gift.

That said, we were still pretty stunned by the average dollar amount given to the bride and groom: It’s $160, according to a recent gifting report from Tendr, a site that makes registering to receive cash—versus physical wedding gifts—a breeze.

FYI, this is the national average, but per the report, the amount given does vary from state to state. In fact, the state with highest average gift given is Vermont (clocking in at $245) and the lowest is Arkansas ($73).

The bottom line: It’s the thought that counts, so don’t go breaking the bank to give a gift you can’t afford. Still, if you’ve got a wedding on the horizon, it never hurts to start budgeting…now.

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