Aside from the candy Sweethearts, rom-coms and red roses (ya know, if you’re into that sort of thing), there’s not a whole lot to love about the shortest month of the year. But, get excited, because we found seven fabulous things you're about to see everywhere.

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trends blackbow
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Your favorite second-grade hair accessory is back and better than ever. From the red carpet to the runway, a black velvet bow, ribbon or string wrapped around a ponytail or braid feels like a sophisticated and feminine addition.

trends atlanta monster
Atlanta Monster

‘Atlanta Monster’ Podcast

Obsessed with Dirty John, S-Town and Serial? The newest true-crime podcast is here, and it’s amazing. Based on the grisly Atlanta child murders of 1979 to 1981, the podcast is from the same team as Up and Vanished and HowStuffWorks. Bye-bye, restful nights.

trends winter garden Room

Winter Garden Rooms

Move over, She Sheds. Winter garden rooms are officially the new sacred space du jour. And you don’t even need a conservatory to make it happen. Grab a few plants, some cozy blankets and DIY one in any corner of your home.

kitten heels trend
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Kitten Heels

Three cheers for keeping your balance. Shorter heels have made a major comeback on recent runways, and now we're finally seeing them on the streets. Pair with black skinnies and a chunky sweater or a ruffled pencil skirt and turtleneck.

trends gif stickers

GIF Stickers

You know those hilarious tiny moving videos? They can now be added to your Instagram Stories as a sticker on top of a photo or video. Just update your app, search for your favorite GIF sticker (we're partial to revolving McDonald's fries) and prepare to make your mom group LOL.

trends herb bouquets

Herb Bouquets

Succulents are out. Herb bouquets are in. And they look oh-so-pretty on your Scandinavian-inspired table setting. Now if only we knew how to tell our sweetheart that we’d prefer rosemary over roses this year…

trends turmeric soup


We’re calling it: Souping is the new juicing. Because who the heck wants to guzzle a bottle of cold juice when it’s 30 degrees out? Give your resolutions another chance in February with a soup cleanse (think: a hearty bowl of turmeric, apple and carrot or creamy sweet potato and butternut squash).

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