Kelly Ripa & Ryan Seacrest’s Pre-Show Banter Is Worth a Listen

If you love Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest’s witty banter on Live with Kelly and Ryan, then feast your eyes on this candid new clip.

Earlier today, the popular talk show shared a behind-the-scenes video on its official Instagram account, featuring a montage of moments leading up to the live taping.

We expected to see the co-hosts reviewing documents, doing vocal warmups and readying themselves to be on camera, but that’s not the case. Instead, Ripa and Seacrest can be seen discussing a dream from the night before, which starred the actress.

In the clip, Ripa and Seacrest are walking through the halls of the Live with Kelly and Ryan studio, all while maintaining a safe six-foot distance. The American Idol host is discussing a dream he had the night before—while “it made no sense,” it just so happened to feature Ripa and executive producer Michael Gelman.

When Ripa clarifies that the Michael it starred wasn’t her son, Michael Consuelos (23), she says, “Ugh, that sounds like a nightmare.”

Right on cue, Ripa and Seacrest arrive on set and assume their positions at opposite ends of the table. Although they now sit six feet apart, producers later edit the footage to make them appear side by side. (That’s why Seacrest’s hand kept disappearing during the premiere episode.)

Never change, you two.


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