Kelly Ripa Says Husband Mark Consuelos Tried (& Failed) to Help Her Mom Meditate: ‘It Was Funny to Watch’

On a recent episode of Gabby Bernstein’s Dear Gabby podcast, Kelly Ripa shared that her husband, Mark Consuelos, tried to teach her mother Esther how to meditate (for the first time ever) and it was certainly an experience.

The Live with Kelly and Ryan co-host said her hubby uses a phone app to meditate whenever he travels and that he tried to use the same tool with her mother. “[Mark] was really trying to teach my mom to meditate with this app and my mom started arguing with the voice of the app and it was funny to watch,” she said in the episode. 

The Live Wire author could understand her mother to a certain extent, admitting that she had trouble learning how to meditate. “When Mark was first trying to get me to learn how to meditate, I said to him, ‘My brain is too noisy, I just can't do it.’ And I had a really hard time with it, I was really fidgety [and] squirmy,” she said.

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“And I said, ‘It’s not working. It’s just not working.’ And he said, ‘Every time your mind drifts away, you are meditating. Every time you pull yourself back in, every time you keep telling yourself that it’s not working, you're meditating.’”

Ripa continued, “And he goes, every time you go for a run, you are meditating. Every time you take a dance class, you are meditating. He’s like these things that you give yourself this time, that you allow yourself to do what you wanna do, and you're not so inside your own head. You are meditating.”

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Too bad Ripa didn’t record Mark and Esther’s attempts at joint relaxation.

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