Curating a list of gifts you’d like others to buy for your wedding is tricky--mainly because it’s not the easiest thing to predict the items you’ll want/need/continue to use 'til death do you part. That’s why to help inspire your selections, we pulled together this list of chic and unique registry items (and experiences) that are all the rage right now.



The KitchenAid mixer might be the most overplayed--and under-used--registry item ever, but the vintage-inspired pastel hues it comes in are a trend that’s just picking up steam. Even if you don’t register for a full-on fridge (though it is an option), you can go smaller with a retro teakettle or toaster. Practical and pretty. 

SMEG ($1,999)



Fancy vases are out; once-a-month flower deliveries are in. Think about it: What would make you happier? An expensive vase that you get tired of and want to replace after a year of use or a fresh delivery of coral peonies that arrives at your doorstep once a month? Yeah, we’re gonna go with the peonies.

Flower Muse (starting at $329) 

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Park picnics are the best. We’re not saying BBQs in your backyard aren’t great, but having the option to take your meat (and corn and shish kebobs) on the road is the future--and a lot more “life” friendly.

O-Grill ($199)



Sure, they’re a decorative way to stash your booze, but you can also use them to transport hors d’oeuvres (and delicious beverages) from the kitchen to the screen porch…or wherever it is you’d prefer to entertain.

West Elm ($399)



There’s always a reason to upgrade your stemware. But brides are upping the ante and requesting wine-of-the-month subscriptions, too. (Yes way, rosé.) 

Club W (starting at $52 a month)



Slate boards are the prettiest--especially covered in a range of soft and creamy cheeses--but you can also use them (and stainless-steel cheese knives) to elegantly serve hors d’oeuvres, charcuterie or open-faced sandwiches.

Brooklyn Slate ($33) 

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Sometimes you don’t really need anything, which is why Zola makes it possible to seamlessly create a Pinterest-like registry of not just gifts, but experiences, too. It’s a breeze to set up: Just upload a photo of whatever it is you’re looking to do as newlyweds (go to the movies! take a pasta-making class!) and request a dollar amount. When a guest purchases, the cash goes straight to your account (minus a small transactional fee).



Plumfunds--a new site from the creators of Honeyfund--streamlines the fundraising process. So if you’d prefer to ask guests to give to your favorite charity (like Puppies Behind Bars) in lieu of gifts, you have all the tools you need to quickly build a website championing the cause, collect the funds and cash out.

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