The Vitamix Blender Sale Features the Mightiest Mixers on the Market for Up to $100 Off

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A little birdie told us you might be in the market for a new blender. If your current one isn't getting the job done, it's a sign to invest in a Vitamix. An even surer sign to upgrade now? The Vitamix blender sale, which is happening from now through February 12 and features so many top-rated models for up to $100 off.

Here's everything you need to know about the brand, according to PureWow's Senior Food Editor Katherine O'Conner: "You can do the usual tasks, like purée soups and blend up smoothies or hummus, and get the creamiest, smoothest results of your whole dang life because the Vitamix is so powerful. You can literally grate an entire block of Parmesan cheese without damaging the blades."

Sounds impressive, no? Another Vitamix reviewer speaks for the masses, "[It's] not a blender; it's our way of life," adding that her machine gets an intense daily workout and works just the same as it did when she bought it five years ago. So basically, they're worth the price tag (which is usually between $350 and $730), but thanks to the sale, you can get your hands on one starting at $300.

Ready to have the best soups and smoothies of your life? Here are five Vitamix blenders to consider buying during the sale.

If you're hesitant to buy a Vitamix, all you need to know is this model, which comes with a 48-ounce container convinced a conflicted customer to take the plunge. "After hitting the on [button] and turning up the speed, I returned [my friends' Vitamix] and got my very own. Now I can't go back to anything else." Our guess is that the ten speeds, Pulse feature (for making heartier recipes) and 2 HP motor that allows the stainless-steel blades to chop through tougher ingredients, were just too good to live without.

You'll be blown away by this 64-ounce Vitamix's power, which blends raw carrots into perfectly blended baby food and so much more with variable speed control and a Pulse feature. It also has a built-in digital timer that is handier than you think. As one Vitamix buyer explains, "This blender is so convenient and [it] allows you to be consistent in your blending with the digital timer. I will seriously never use another blender!"

Besides having the typical Vitamix features like a variable speed control, a Pulse feature and a programmable timer, this blender features a sleek touchscreen that can be wiped clean easily. On top of that, it has built-in wireless connectivity that allows the motor base to adjust to whatever container you have (aside from the 64-ounce container it comes with) so you can tackle large and small batches for all kinds of recipes.

If you want the power of a Vitamix without the bulky aesthetic, look no further than the 5200 model. It has a skinny, mod look (especially in the black color) that’ll make you want to leave it out on the counters. And according to buyers, the blades in this blender spin remarkably quickly, creating heat from the friction, so you can prepare a hot soup in six minutes flat without having to turn on the stovetop.

For more control over your meals, look to the 750 blender. It has five pre-programmed settings for when you just want to flip on the machine and make a smoothie or puree, as well as ten variable speeds and a pulse feature, so you can chop things to the exact degree you want. But don't just take our word for it. One Vitamix reviewer admits, "You won’t find anything better. You can even whip cream in it! [Also,] the cleaning setting and the fixed blade make the caretaking much easier than the usual, 'take it all apart' to clean."

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