Dear 2017: Sometimes, it’s not you, it’s us. But this time, it’s totally you. Here, nine fads we really hope will go the way of chevron next year.

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trends to ditch unicorns


“Put a white horn and glitter on it,” they said. “Everyone will freak out,” they said. We’ve seen one too many sparkle-flecked rainbows this year—from lattes to cakes to even lipstick. In 2018, can we all make a pact to act like adults and not nine-year-olds at a sleepover party?

trends to ditch mermaids


Speaking of pseudo-little-girl trends, leave these poor magical creatures alone, for God’s sake. Blankets, hair colors, tiles, workouts, eye makeup, nails… It’s all too much.

trends to ditch pink

Millennial Pink

From home decor to fashion, we’ve seen enough of this dusty blush hue to fulfill all our childhood Barbie Corvette dreams, and then some. Next year, let’s embrace lavender, mint green, powder blue…literally anything that’s not a hip take on Pepto-Bismol.

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Oversize Lips

We have a certain Kardashian to thank for this beauty trend. And from over-the-top lip-lining to full-on injections, we think it’s gone a bit too far. Luckily, barely-there lipsticks and glosses will be all the rage for 2018, so go ahead: Embrace your natural lips, no matter how itty bitty.

trends to ditch succulents


We get it: You’re trendy and quirky and like greenery in your home. But surely you can think of something else to adorn your windowsill? What about a long, leafy fern or a pretty, winding ivy plant? Let’s give the boring little spiky guys a break, shall we? 

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trends to ditch ghosting


Verb: The act of showing affection or leading someone on and then completely cutting off communication without any explanation. Do you really need us to tell you that this is downright rude? This year, let’s come together as a species and agree that even if you’re not into a person, you’ll have the common decency to let them know.

housewife barrel curls
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Barrel Curls

Blame the Housewives, but big bouncy, pageant-inspired ringlets are officially old news. Next year we'll be rocking loose and effortless Stevie Nicks-inspired "middle waves" instead.

trends to ditch rose


Chill, we’re not boycotting the actual beverage, just the idea of the beverage as a marketing ploy. Case in point: slogan T-shirts and tote bags; pink things that, for some reason, can’t be called pink but have to be referred to as “rosé-colored”; any photo caption that involves “yes way,” “all day” or “slay.” Me gusto Lambrusco? Literally anything else is cleverer and less overdone.

trends to ditch matcha


It tastes like dirt and it looks like split-pea soup. There, we said it.

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