The Biggest Home Trends of Spring 2017

A modern fable: Woman checks Pinterest with intention of finding an easy weeknight dinner recipe only to be discovered hours later by her husband/roommate/cat—eyes glazed over, plotting makeovers for every room in the house. You’re not alone, decor addict: Millions of ladies are doing the same damn thing. We teamed up with the folks at Pinterest to bring you seven design trends you'll be seeing (and pinning) like mad this spring.

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Shower Greenery

Decor-loving ladies don’t leave any detail unnoticed--they’re even decorating inside their showers with happy, air-purifying plants. (Bonus points for never needing to water these guys.)

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Michelle Drewes

Vertical Bar Carts

While everyone wants a stylish entertaining area, not everyone has room for a freestanding bar cart. Hence, integrated alternatives like hanging minibar shelves or bookshelf cocktail stations.

Everything Pink

Rosé is gender neutral—and it appears that rosy decor is following suit. “Millennial pink” accents, blush velvet upholstery and retro Eisenhower pink tiles for the bathroom are all current heavy hitters.

Accessories As Decor

The hottest storage trend of the season? Creative ways to bring favorite heels, purses, hats and the like out of closets and into a design scheme. (Fashion as artwork, if you will.)

Wallpapered Bathrooms

This spring, everyone is fantasizing about redoing their snoozy powder rooms in imaginatively patterned, boldly hued wallpapers. Removable styles (for a temporary update) are also on trend.

High-end Entryways

First impressions are also top of mind this spring, with decor lovers seeking out designer styling tricks (hello, cowhide stool tucked under a console) in an effort to make their entryway more design focal point and less utility spot for keys and dirty shoes.

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Round Mirrors

The most thoroughly modern mirror silhouette? Giant circular orbs. (They’re popping up in everybody’s bed, bath and beyond these days.)

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