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Trips to the beach, hot dogs, that first really bad sunburn: Some things about summer will never change. But it’s 2017 (a year that truly bucks the norm), so it’s safe to say we’re anticipating a bit…more. Here, our ten favorite trends that we expect to rise to the top of the (sand) pile. 

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trend chilled red

Chilled Red Wine

Don’t get us wrong: We love a pretty glass forty of rosé as much as the next gal. But we’ve seen enough “Rosé All Day” shirts to know it’s old news. Meet our newest summer drink: chilled red. The light-bodied and refreshing vino pairs perfectly with your next backyard BBQ.

trend morocco
Sabinoparente/Getty Images


Move over, Tulum. This summer’s hottest destination is still slightly under the radar, meaning you can still book a hotel room without bumping up against a million other tourists. 

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trend instastories

Instagram Stories

OK, so it's pretty much copied every Snapchat trick in the book (face filters, anyone?), but Instagram’s story feature is pretty cool…and definitely the social media mode de rigueur. Use it to tell a day’s worth of your life via pictures, videos, boomerangs and—of course—cheeky text and emoji overlays.

trend pink

MILLENNIAL PINK(But Calling It “Blush”)

The bubblegum hue has permeated everything from sneakers to restaurant decor, and we’re not above sporting it this summer. Feel kinda ick about the “millennial” descriptor? Call it “blush” and get on with your life.

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trend lipgloss
Samir Hussein/Getty Images

Lip Gloss

The ’90s have been on trend in the beauty world for some time (hi, brown matte), but this summer the ’00s have got our shiny pouts on lock. Snag a tube of trusty MAC lipglass, and wear it every day until September.

trend popsocket


Not only will this handy gadget prevent you from dropping your iPhone overboard as you try to snap your best vacay sunset, it's also perfect for keeping your earbuds tangle-free during cruising-altitude entertainment. 

trend waffle

Insane Ice-Cream Sandwiches

Bonkers milkshakes? Yawn. Unicorn cakes? Snooze. Feed your sugar craving while staying cool with the newest sweet-treat obsession: out-of-this-world ice-cream sandwiches. We’re talkin’ waffle hoagies, marshmallow buns, stuffed red velvet cookies and macarons, which are popping up at bakeries and ice-cream shops across the country.

trend waterworkouts

Water Workouts

Gran is definitely onto something with her water aerobics class. Expect local studios and gyms to follow suit with floating strength training, underwater spinning and aqua barre as amazing ways to stay cool while still burning cals.

trend greenery

Greenery > Flowers

Spring showers bring May flowers, but this season, we're opting for green-only ferns and fronds, which make a lush statement while totally hitting the Scandi-minimalist look that's also of-the-moment.

trend statement sleeves
Timur Emek/Getty Images

Statement Sleeves

No more boring T-shirts and tunics. Whether it’s a bell-sleeve cocktail dress or an off-the-shoulder gingham blouse, the easiest way to upgrade your summer wardrobe is with a strong sleeve game. 

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