The $13 Amazon Prime Desk Accessory Every PureWow Editor Is Obsessed With

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New York is hot. Chances are, wherever you are is hot, too. Well, we PureWow editors have found the ultimate hot-weather solution: the OPolar Mini USB Desk Fan.

Seriously, one of our brilliant editors ordered one off Amazon Prime on a whim (it’s only $13, after all), and since then, five more editors have followed suit. About the size of a bagel, this fan is a fairly small desk accessory. But its payoff is massive.

Picture this: You’re commuting to work, willing the heat and humidity from making you sweat before you even arrive. The cold blast of AC greets you at the lobby doors, but by the time you actually sit down at your desk, you can’t help it—beads of sweat are forming. Enter your trusty OPolar fan. You pop it into your USB drive and are met with instant cooling relief. It even blesses you with a bit of a Beyoncé-concert-hair moment throughout the day.

With only one setting in the form of an on-off switch, it’s nothing fancy. But it does come in various colors from a sleek black to a poppy pink or baby blue, depending on your office vibes.

Trust us when we say that we barely even complain about the heat anymore. (And if you know us, that’s saying something.)

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