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As much as we’d like to receive a fancy-as-hell espresso machine or a Gucci chair, our tiny apartments aren’t exactly welcoming to sizable gifts. With itty-bitty abodes in mind, here are six gifts that take up virtually no space.

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no space gifts food
Sally’s Baking Addiction

Food That They’ll Eat Quickly

Oh no, I wish you hadn’t given me a tin of utterly delicious peppermint bark, said no gift recipient ever. Food gifts are a no-brainer—especially for those who are short on space. Not only do these not typically take up a ton of room, chances are they’ll be gone so quickly it won’t matter anyway. Here are a few (um, 17) more things to make.

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no space gifts moviepass

A Movie Subscription

If you live in a tiny space, it makes sense that you’d want to get out a lot, yes? Our favorite escape is the movies, especially with MoviePass, which lets you see unlimited films for less than $10 a month. Gift subscriptions start at $30 for three months and go up to $120 for a full year.

Sponsored Samsung Galaxy Gifts for Dad

A Sleek Smartphone

The display on both the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note8 stretches from edge to edge, giving you the most amount of screen that fits in your hand.

Samsung Galaxy Note8 ($950), Samsung Galaxy S8 ($725)

no space gifts seamless

A Seamless Gift Card

Cooking and cleaning up in a tiny kitchen can be a drag. Keep the focus on the food with a gift card to a food delivery service like Seamless, no cleaning, slicing or sautéing required.

no space gifts experience

An Experience

Tickets to a Broadway show or sporting event, a fancy dinner, a spa day. The possibilities here are pretty much endless. Plus, an experiential gift takes up zero space, save the space in their mind where they’ll always remember what a cool, thoughtful gift-giver you are.

no space gift donation

A Donation in Their Name

Speaking of thoughtful gifts, a donation to a charity that’s close to his or her heart is an excellent, no-stuff option. Whether they’re passionate about animals, clean water or the environment, do a little research to determine where your money will be most useful, then make a donation in their name. It’s a gift pretty much everyone can feel good about.

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no space gifts earrings
Mignonne Gavigan


OK, so this one takes up a little space, but we say a standout pair of earrings like these Mignonne Gavigan babies are totally worth it. You know what they say about things in small packages…

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