Want Bamboo Sheets? These Are the 3 Best Brands

Is there anything softer or more heavenly than bamboo sheets? (No. The answer is no.) For all you newbies to the notion, bamboo sheets are made by dissolving the stock of the bamboo plant into a viscose liquid, which is dried and then woven into buttery-soft, micro-thin threads. The end product feels an awful lot like silk—but sans the cheesy aesthetic and at a much lower price point. They’re also hypoallergenic (good for sensitive skin), moisture wicking (good for hot sleepers) and highly sustainable (good for the world!). Intrigued? You should be. Here are our three favorite brands.

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bamboo sheets bedroom 1
Courtesy of Loomstead


Behold: The sheets that first made converts out of us. Loomstead’s 100 percent bamboo sheets are almost shockingly silken to the touch, and they’ve only gotten yummier, softer and smoother with each wash. And for the entry-level price point, we found the finishing details (seams, packaging, etc.) to be really high-end.

Loomstead bamboo collection (from $89)

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Courtesy of Cariloha


It truly doesn’t get softer or more luxurious than Cariloha’s 100 percent bamboo viscose sheets. Its bamboo is organically farmed and given a sateen finish for maximum silkiness. Plus, the company swears by the durability of its sheets so much, that it offers a lifetime guarantee (if you aren’t totally happy with your purchase, you can return it at any time.)

Cariloha Bamboo sheet set ($239)

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Courtesy of Ettitudes


This popular Australian start-up offers our favorite bamboo lyocell sheets. Lyocell, as opposed to viscose, indicates that the raw bamboo was broken down with a fully non-toxic solvent—meaning it’s a highly sustainable process. And while lyocell is typically known for being a tad less soft than viscose, we found these sheets to be ridiculously feathery. Plus, we swoon for the rainbow of candy colors available.

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