9 Backyard Trends That Will Be Huge This Year

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There’s nothing like a cold front to make you start dreaming of summer. And, while you’re at it, you might as well have a solid game plan for turning your yard into the ultimate hangout, because a vacation might last a week—maybe two if you’re lucky—but a great outdoor space turns every weekend into a getaway. That’s why we scoured Houzz, Pinterest, Yardzen and Google Search data to cull the top backyard trends emerging in 2022. Here’s what to consider as you craft your great escape, along with our picks for getting the look (without too much effort).

The Top Trends You’ll See Everywhere in 2022

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1. resort Aesthetics

It seems everyone’s dreaming of a tropical vacation after two years at home: Pinterest has seen searches for “resort aesthetic” double, along with several other vacation-related terms skyrocket. Target, for one, is really leaning into the trend, featuring things like fringed patio umbrellas, boho wicker club chairs and funky acrylic drinkware that seems designed for piña coladas, daiquiris and, well, anything worthy of a tiny umbrella.

Our pick: Maddalena Patio Chair Set, $500

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2. petscaping

Given the rise of “barkitecture” over the past few months, it’s only fitting that an interest in creating pet-friendly spaces would extend to the great outdoors as well. The whole concept of “petscaping” is creating a garden free of pesticides, mulch and thorny/toxic plants, and creating zones for your pets to use the bathroom (rather than hiking on your dahlias), as well as dig pits for playing and pathways for exploring.

Our pick: Kirklin Brown Metal Dog House, $250

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Plant Traps

3. planters That Maximize Deck (or Balcony) Space

Gardening remains on the rise, and just because you don’t have a spacious backyard doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the action. Creative companies are coming up with new ways to make use of every square inch you have, like these Plant Traps, which allow you to hang plants on the outside of your deck or balcony (provided you have at least four inches of floor space past the railing).

Our pick: Plant Traps Floating Balcony Garden Shelf, $30


4. stonescaping

People in drought-prone areas (and anyone sick of sky-high water bills) have been eschewing the traditional lush lawn in favor of a gravel one, Yardzen noted in its latest trend report. Hardscaping can help you use less water, creating a more eco-friendly backyard. The landscaping company recommends using pavers and gravel patches to define areas of your outdoor space, like a space for alfresco dining or playing bocce ball.

Our pick: Stonescaping Idea Book, $19

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5. privacy Screens And Hedges

The more time you spend outside, the more you may want a little privacy from your neighbors. (Houzz declared it one of the top home trends of 2022, in fact.) Shrubs and hedges can help you achieve just that. If you’d like to partition your space a bit further, creating different hangout zones within your yard, you can also look into privacy screens, which are becoming increasingly popular online.

Our pick: Three-Panel Decorative Patio Screen, $200

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6. smokeless Fire Pits

Early in the pandemic, we tested and loved the easy-to-use, portable and smog-free Solo Stove, and now it seems interest in smokeless models are on the rise overall, with searches for “best smokeless fire pit” up 180 percent over the past three months, and searches for variations on the Solo stove up as well. Months later, we’re just as happy with the Solo stove—even if some members of our family miss that campfire smell on their clothes at the end of the night.

Our pick: Solo stove, $250

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7. ziplines

If you really want to go all out with your backyard, you can join the masses actively searching for “backyard ziplines” (queries are up 400 percent year over year, according to Google Trends). In news that should surprise no one, you can actually order one on Amazon and have it delivered to your door. (Just whatever you do, don’t install it over—or anywhere near—your smokeless fire pit.)

Our pick: 100-Foot Zipline Kit, $90

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8. outdoor Living Rooms

Outdoor kitchens have been popular for a while—and they’re not going anywhere—but more homeowners are also interested in creating outdoor living rooms, Houzz told us. These spaces don’t just have an outdoor furniture set; many include an outdoor fireplace (or ahem, perhaps a smokeless fire pit?), rugs and, occasionally, a TV. Your watch parties will never be the same.

Our pick: Neptune 65-Inch Outdoor 4K TV with Outdoor-Rated Wall Mount, $2,200

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9. Pizza Ovens

Those live-like-you’re-on-vacation vibes don’t stop with your outdoor furniture. Erin Schanen, the blogger behind The Impatient Gardener, told us last year that she’s seen a huge increase in interest in building outdoor pizza ovens—and that trend extends into this year as well. But thankfully, adding one to your home doesn’t have to be a four-figure investment. Companies like Ooni sell portable outdoor pizza ovens for less than $400.

Our Pick: Ooni Karu 12 Pizza Oven