Brooke Shields Reveals the Secret Behind Her Glowing Skin

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If you’re curious to know how Brooke Shields achieves such radiant skin, then today’s your lucky day.

PureWow recently sat down with the iconic actress and model, who's now partnering with Colgate to promote gum health through their new Renewal system—a program than can reverse and repair early gum damage. And during our chat, Shields opened up about her biggest skincare secret: keeping things simple.

With regards to her daily regimen, Shields revealed that keeping it basic has gone a long way. She told us, "I love to keep it really simple, so I try to keep it as clean and as simple as possible. My mom used to say, 'Soap and water and moisture!' And to me, [it's important that] my skin is clean and I'm not stripping it with harsh cleansers."

She went on to share that she limits her regimen, saying, "I'll use a cleanser and a toner. And I love serums that have vitamin C in them. I've noticed a revitalizing, brightening and smoothing appearance [after using] vitamin C serums."

The Blue Lagoon star also revealed that sunscreen is a beauty must-have, adding that she's careful to never spend too much time in the sun. She said, "SPF is absolutely key. The integrity of my skin goes right back to how protected I am from the sun."

Although the actress has been keeping up with her skincare regimen, she explained that there's slightly more to maintaining her radiant glow than just a simplified beauty routine. As it turns out, she's also very intentional about her overall health, from staying hydrated to getting enough exercise. While speaking about how this impacts her skin, she revealed, "Just the activating of muscles and blood flow, bringing blood to the surface, all of that is invigorating. Even the pallor of your skin can change."

She added, "When I don't exercise, it starts to take a real toll on my skin, almost before anything else. So I drink more [water], sleep more, exercise more and everything is more elastic and more pleasant."

Looks like we'll be trying out the KISS method ourselves.

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