The One Word That Can Make Your House Sell Faster

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You’ve refreshed the exterior paint, planted some new shrubs and consulted extensively with your real estate agent—you’re officially ready to list your home. But knowing exactly how to “sell” your abode in that listing can be tricky. Still, according to, there’s one frequently searched for word that will elevate your property above the rest.

The word is views.

Well duh, you’re probably thinking. It’s definitely easier to sell a waterfront property than something that looks out on a garbage dump. But while you might think the word “views” pertains to “lakeview” or “oceanview” or “mountainview,” it turns out it doesn’t have to be that way.

In fact, is seeing a major spike in searches for just plain views.

That means that if you have *any* kind of view, play it up in your listing. Maybe it’s that the primary bedroom looks out on a lush green forest or that your condo has a view of your city’s skyline or nearby downtown. Don’t lie or oversell what your home offers—that drainage ditch three houses down doesn’t count—but optimize your listing by calling attention to the special views that come included. (It’s as simple as thinking through the sights you personally love looking out on.)

Whoa, is that a spike in requests for home tours already?

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