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On your list of things to do this month: Get a new watch battery (it’s no longer cute to ask for the time). Purchase a blender (those smoothies aren’t going to make themselves). Hang your damn artwork.

Here to help with that last one is Simply Framed.

These folks are the masters of custom framing--in fact, it’s all they do. But unlike your neighborhood guy, Simply Framed doesn’t make you haul anything back and forth to the store or pay a fortune. Instead, you toss your art in the mail and--presto--just a few hundy later, it comes back nicely framed.

Here’s how it works: Start by choosing what you’d like to frame (art, a poster, a certificate, a scarf) and how big you want to go (prices range from $75 for an 11-by-14 to $500 for a 40-by-60). Then pick from one of the curated frame finishes (glossy white, antique gold or any of the other twelve styles).

Finally, describe the condition of your to-be-framed item and select either a tube or flat mailer. Simply Framed will then send you the packaging so you can ship your item off to be matted and framed.

You’ll get your piece back in two to three weeks. So you can go ahead and check that one off your to-do list.

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