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Give Your Furniture a Blowout

That blow dryer does wonders for more than your hair. To get rid of rings on a wood table, turn your dryer up to high and blast the spot until it begins to fade.  

Pop Sugar

Manicure Your Microwave

To clean a hard-to-reach mess in your microwave, fill a bowl with white vinegar and place it in the center of the microwave. Close the door and run it for five minutes. Wipe away the grime with a paper towel and...voilà!

Condition Your Cast Iron

News flash: You should never soak your cast iron skillet. Watch our video to see the right way to clean this guy.

Household Cleaners 5

Freshen Up Your Wardrobe

To get your clothes smelling extra fresh and clean, add ½ cup of lemon juice to your detergent before pouring it into the washing machine.


Scrub Your Glass Surfaces

Out of Windex? Mix together vinegar, lemon juice and water for a homemade glass cleaner.

Beautify Your Blender

Disassembling your blender to clean all those nooks and crannies is a pain, but we’ve got a better way. Take a look…it’s as easy as one, two, whirl.

Household Cleaners 2

Get Rid of Grease

Oil stains on furniture are notoriously hard to treat, but cornstarch is your secret weapon. Mix it with water, apply the paste to the greasy spot and leave it on overnight. In the morning, the grease will be gone.

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