8 Ways to Keep Your Apartment Clean Without Even Trying

Between a packed social calendar, crushing it at work and trying to leave room for a little #selfcare, who has time for cleaning? Certainly not savvy New Yorkers. So…don’t. These genius products and services will help keep your apartment in shipshape without your ever having to break out the rubber gloves. 

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robo vacuum
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Finally Invest In A Robo-vacuum

We used to file a Roomba under “nice to have” rather than “need to have,” but we’ve since realized the necessity of a machine that will suck up all the crumbs from last night’s Netflix munchies while we’re at work (or brunch). This oddly cute self-vacuuming machine works on carpets and hardwood floors, goes under furniture, won’t fall down the stairs and even gets the dust out of every last corner, nook and cranny. (It also puts itself away.) Plus, the app allows you to schedule cleanups, monitor cleaning activity, watch maintenance videos and more, and many models work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

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Clear The Air

According to the EPA, we spend the majority of our time indoors—and indoor air can be up to five times worse than outdoor air, particularly for those with allergies or asthma. Um, gross. While certain houseplants can help, for industrial-strength filtering you’ll want a mechanical air purifier, like this console from LG that’s sleek enough not to mess with your apartment’s decor. Among the airborne muck it targets: pet dander, dust, pollen, bacteria, harmful chemicals and fumes from cooking and cleaning products.

basket of laundry

Outsource Your Laundry

Laundry pickup and delivery is the latest industry to get branded for millennials, and we aren’t mad about it. NYC-based subscription service Cleanly makes it only too easy (and affordable) to crush laundry day: Select your laundry pickup and drop-off times, choose a service (wash and fold, launder or dry-clean) and even follow your delivery person en route (a la Uber or Lyft). Et voila: Your freshly laundered clothes are home again just 24 hours later. Plans start at $10 monthly, which is basically what we end up spending at the coin-op anyway.

bathroom toilet shower curtain

Never Scrub The Toilet Again

Want to keep your toilet clean for six months straight? It’s as simple as a flush. This clever toilet-cleaning device from Kaboom attaches inside the toilet tank and squirts OxiClean Stain Fighters (you know, the stuff that magically makes red wine stains disappear from your shirts) into the toilet bowl each time you flush. It even cleans under the rim.

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Make Your Oven Clean Itself

Even if you usually use your oven to store shoes, you don’t have to accept the burned remains and lingering smells from last month’s dinner party. Get familiar with the self-clean feature (if you have it). No need to mess up your mani scrubbing away: This time-saving convenience feature uses high heat (or steam in some cases) to break down food spills and zap it into ash. Afterward, simply wipe away the ash with a wet cloth. Check your oven’s user manual to see if you have this handy feature. 

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Your Microwave Too

Pasta-sauce explosion from last night’s leftovers? No need to grumble. The Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner is a cute little doll that steam cleans your microwave with just a little vinegar and water. The steam comes out of “mama’s” head and softens grime in just seven minutes. All you have to do is wipe away and you’re done.

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Let The Light In

You’d be amazed what a good window cleaning—both inside and out—can do to maximize your natural light and make your whole place feel brighter. This techy robot is basically a Roomba for your windows. It gets up into hard-to-reach places while you’re safe and sound on the ground. You can also control the robot via your phone or tablet—it’s iOS and Android compatible.

feet in slippers
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Drag Your Feet

No, really. Just throw on a pair of mop slippers and let them pick up any dust and stray hairs while you go about your business. (Or try out some Adam Rippon skating moves. Your choice.)

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