20 Magic Eraser Uses to Make Your Home Sparkle

If you don’t already own a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, you need to drop what you’re doing right now and head straight to the supermarket, the drugstore, Amazon, whatever, and get one this very minute. The sponge-like scrubber doesn’t involve weird chemicals (like you might think) but is rather a fine abrasive foam that cuts through grease, grime and goo like no other. Extra bonus? It requires practically zero physical exertion on your part. If you don’t believe us, test it out for yourself. Behold, 20 Magic Eraser uses that will totally make your living space sparkle.

How to Use a Magic Eraser

This special sponge made from melamine foam can be used dry, but adding water will help it absorb dirt better so it can tackle scuffs and stains like nobody’s business (no added detergents or cleaning solution necessary). And while this handy home helper can be used on many different types of surfaces, keep in mind that Procter & Gamble recommends spot testing first. You should also avoid using on super delicate, glossy or finished-wood surfaces (like car paint or wood paneling). So, without further ado, simply wet, squeeze and erase.

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magic eraser uses white shoes
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1. Make Scuffed Shoes Look Brand New

If the white portion of your tennies hasn’t turned a uniform color of dishwater gray, there’s a good chance it has at least a scuff or two. It doesn’t really matter though, ’cause a Magic Eraser can make your sneaks sparkle like the day you bought ’em either way.

2. Clean Walls and Baseboards

Cleaning the walls and baseboards of your home might sound like a Herculean task best left to a professional, and it probably is…unless you have a couple of these clever sponges in your arsenal. Wipe one of these puppies over dingy or stained areas for walls and baseboards that look like they just got a fresh coat of paint.

3. Clean Grill Grates

The grates of your grill are downright disgusting, but don’t throw the barbie out with the bathwater. (We can’t be the only ones tempted to spring for a new grill rather than clean a neglected one, right?) It turns out this handy helper can make caked-on food particles, grease and even rust vanish from grill grates like, well, magic.

4. Spot Clean Carpet

Damnit! You sloshed red wine on the cream-colored living room carpet. We understand your vexation but take a deep breath and simply reach for a Magic Eraser: This household Houdini will remove your full-bodied beverage from the floor like it’s no big deal. (Oh, and the same goes for that marker stain your kid left a couple of feet away.)

5. Remove Stubborn Bathtub Stains

Whether it’s a mineral ring or simply a layer of permadirt, one of these special sponges will banish bathtub stains so you can stop giving your tub the side-eye and hop in for a soak instead.

magic eraser uses bathroom tile
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6. Clean Tile Grout

Porous grout surfaces are quick to get dirty and a pain to deep clean. Skip the grout cleaner (and the elbow grease) and opt for a Magic Eraser instead—a light scrubbing with one these guys will get the job done in a jiffy without causing any damage.

7. Lift Paint Stains

You decided to repaint a room in your home on a whim, but now you’re looking at paint stains on your hardwood floors and ruing the day you decided to DIY. Don’t despair: Your Mr. Clean can solve the problem—just be sure to apply only light pressure and test a small area of the wood surface first to make sure the finish can withstand the scrub-down.

8. Polish Pots and Pans

If stubborn grease and burnt food stains are plaguing your pots and pans, swap your dish sponge out for a Magic Eraser and prepare to be amazed. (That said, this miracle-worker should never be used on non-stick cookware as it will do more harm than good.)

9. Make Your Refrigerator Look Squeaky Clean

There’s nothing skeevier than a filthy fridge—and yet the good ol’ icebox seems to be a magnet for messes on the inside and out. Fortunately, this clever product will make short work of spills and general discoloration lickety-split.

10. Give Your Oven a Scrub-Down

Yep, if a Magic Eraser can handle dirty grill grates, it can definitely whip your messy oven into shape. (Three cheers for not filling your house with smoke every time you pop a frozen pizza in the oven!)

magic eraser uses tupperware
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11. Remove Stains from Tupperware

Fact: Turmeric is really good for you. Another fact: It can really do a number on your Tupperware. Bust out a Magic Eraser and we promise your plastic storage containers won’t forever be haunted by the ghost of curries past.

12. Banish Nail Polish Spills

Your teenager knocked over a bottle of nail polish (OK, maybe it was you) and now it’s all over the bathroom tile, sink, what have you. Don’t fret—one of these clever sponges will prevail faster than you can say ‘botched manicure.’

13. Remove Grease from Cabinets

A cabinet made sticky with grease ranks high on our list of least favorite things, which is why we’re thrilled to report that these trusty cleaning squares can tackle that kitchen problem too.

14. Spiff Up White Plastic Patio Furniture

It’s a gorgeous, sunny day and that white patio furniture out back would look oh-so inviting—if it were actually still white, that is. Good news: You can make your patio set squeaky clean without even breaking a sweat. The secret (you guessed it) is a Magic Eraser.

15. Polish Your Jewelry

Whether it’s heavily tarnished silver or a prized platinum or gold piece that’s started to look a little drab, a gentle rub with your trusty sponge is guaranteed to make your favorite jewelry gleam again.

magic eraser uses shower curtain
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16. Clean a Shower Curtain

If the thought of making contact with your shower curtain makes you shudder, we’ve got a solution for you (and you probably already know what it is). Yep, simply wipe the surface of the shower curtain with this cleaning tool and watch the mildew melt away.

17. Give Your Laptop Keyboard a Wipe-down

You practice hand-washing protocol to the letter and still your laptop keyboard is a greasy, filthy disgrace. Well, friends, all you have to do is dampen a Magic Eraser, squeeze it out thoroughly so it’s very dry, and run it across the keys to give your computer a whole new look.

18. Make Your Stovetop Sparkle

Your stovetop has grease splatters and food stains galore: Sure, you can bust out the bleach and start scrubbing like you mean it, or you can save your energy for something more fun and whisk away the yuck with a Magic Eraser instead.

19. Remove Sticker Residue

Kids do the darndest things, don’t they? Case in point, that time your bundle of joy decorated every surface except paper with stickers from his sticker collection. Fortunately, you can get yourself out of this, er, sticky situation without introducing an inhalation hazard to your home. Indeed, even old and stubborn adhesive messes are no match for your new favorite cleaning companion.

20. Remove Clothing Stains

To rescue your favorite white tee after a mealtime mishap, grab a Magic Eraser and use it to gently brush away the soiled spot on the fabric. Bonus: This will even work on stains that have been set in the wash—just don’t try this hack on super delicate materials like silk.

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