How to Clean a Vitamix: A 7-Step Guide for Anyone Who Hates Scrubbing (But Loves Smoothies)

If you’ve invested in a Vitamix (i.e., the most badass blender on the market), you’re likely also invested in keeping it squeaky clean and in prime condition. Although a Vitamix does require regular cleaning, this fancy appliance isn’t as high maintenance as you think; in most cases, the job can be accomplished with no more than soapy water and the press of a button (or turn of a dial). Read on for the full rundown on how to clean a Vitamix, plus some other troubleshooting tips that might come in handy as you make the most of your machine.

How to clean a Vitamix quickly

Needless to say, it’s important to clean your Vitamix blender between uses, lest you taint your morning smoothie with the taste (and bacteria) of, say, last night’s chicken soup. Fortunately, there’s a foolproof process for giving your Vitamix a routine cleaning, and it does not involve disassembling and hand washing as with other blenders. (Phew.) Here’s what to do.

1. Give the container a quick rinse with warm (not hot) water.

2. Add a little dish soap to the container—just a drop or two will do the trick.

3. Fill the container halfway with warm water.

4. Return the container to the base and securely attach the lid.

5. Start the machine: For Vitamix models that feature a “clean” setting, this is what you will press before hitting start; the machine will stop automatically when the cleaning process is complete. For all other models, start the machine on variable setting 1 (i.e., the slowest) and then gradually increase the speed to variable setting 10, before switching it to ‘high’ for a final 30 to 60 seconds.

6. Once the cleaning process is complete, dump out the contents of the container and give it a thorough warm water rinse to remove any soapy residue.

7. Place the container upside down on a clean towel or dish rack and allow it to air dry.

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How to deep clean a cloudy Vitamix

You’re looking better than ever thanks to all the fruit and veggie juices you’ve been whipping up in your Vitamix. Alas, the same cannot be said of your trusty appliance—namely because it has developed a cloudy film that’s seemingly resistant to the regular cleaning process described above. Fear not: You can easily banish this mineral build-up and restore your Vitamix to its former glory by following these simple steps.

1. Pour one cup of distilled white vinegar into the clean Vitamix container.

2. Add enough warm water to fill the container to the halfway point.

3. Leave the container to soak in an upright position for several hours, so the vinegar solution can work its magic.

4. After soaking, dump out the vinegar solution and use a soft-bristled brush or pot scrubber to gently buff the residue from the inside of the container. (Psst…those blades are no joke, so it’s wise to exercise caution and take your time with this step.)

5. Give the now crystal-clear container a final warm water rinse and leave it upside down to air dry.

How to eliminate odors from a Vitamix

The Vitamix blender can be used for a whole lot of things, which is great until you’re sipping on a frozen margarita that has notes of garlicky alfredo sauce on the finish. Good news: This problem can be easily resolved by following the same vinegar-soaking method outlined above. That said, don’t be discouraged if your Vitamix is still slightly malodorous after a few hours of soaking—a very stinky Vitamix might require an overnight soak, followed by a drop of dish soap and a spin on the cleaning cycle in order to smell fresh once again. Also, if the bothersome smell occurs when the machine is in use and is of a burning variety, it’s worth noting that the manufacturer says this phenomenon is completely normal for new machines and should dissipate once you’ve broken in your Vitamix with a few heavy uses.

How to remove turmeric stains from a Vitamix

Good for you for enjoying the health benefits of turmeric by adding the spice to everything from protein shakes to batches of bone broth. However, you’re probably wondering what you can do about that unsightly yellow hue your Vitamix container has taken on as a result. Simply let your stained Vitamix container sunbathe for several hours, says The Blender Lady (and several others who have tried the technique). Interestingly enough, UV light is a highly effective and natural way to break down turmeric stains, and it’ll bleach the Vitamix container back to normal. (Who knew?)

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