How to Clean Your Bathtub Using a Grapefruit (Plus 6 More Natural Cleaning Alternatives)

Dear Windex: You’ve gotten us through many a streaky mirror snafu. But you’re full of weird chemicals we can’t pronounce and you kind of give us a headache when used in unventilated spaces. So, in conclusion, we’re trading you in for these 7 super-simple, all-natural alternatives. Learn how to clean your bathtub with a grapefruit, a two-ingredient stain remover, ketchup's secret power and more.

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1. Bathtub Scrub

Formula: Grapefruit + Salt

How-To: You can always use baking soda and vinegar, but we prefer this fresh-smelling citrus combo for a spa-like vibe. Just sprinkle half a grapefruit liberally with salt, then wet your bathtub and sprinkle another ¼ cup salt around the perimeter. Use the grapefruit to scrub the tub, making sure to squeeze a little juice over your drain and faucet. Rinse away with lukewarm water.

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2. Wood Furniture Polish

Formula: Olive Oil + Apple Cider Vinegar

How-To: In a bowl, mix ¼ cup olive oil with a few drops of apple cider vinegar. Dip a rag into the mixture and wipe down your furniture. The vinegar draws the dirt out, while the oil ensures the wood doesn’t get too dry.

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3. Glass Cleaner

Formula: Vinegar + Lemon Juice + Water

How-To: Combine 1 tablespoon of vinegar with 1 quart of water. Add a touch of lemon juice for a citrusy scent if you feel like being fancy. Spray and wipe. Then let your toddler resume licking the window.

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4. Floor Cleaner

Formula: Castile Soap + Distilled White Vinegar + Essential Oils

How-To: Mix ¼ cup castile soap with ½ cup distilled white vinegar, 20 drops tea-tree essential oil and 20 drops sweet-orange essential oil. Add 2 gallons of hot water to the solution and mop away. (This combo is best for tile, vinyl and linoleum.)

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5. Stain Remover

Formula: Cornstarch + Water

How-To: Mix equal parts cornstarch and water to form a paste, apply to the offending spot, leave overnight and brush away with a dry cloth in the morning.

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6. Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Formula: Baking Soda + Tea Tree Oil + Vinegar

How-To: Sprinkle half a cup of baking soda into the toilet bowl, add 10 drops of tea-tree oil and a splash of distilled white vinegar. Let it fizz for a few minutes, scrub and flush.

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7. Tarnish Remover

Formula: Ketchup + Cloth Rag

How-To: God, is there anything ketchup can’t do? Simply squeeze a dollop onto a cloth and rub it onto your pots and pans. Then scrub-a-dub until you see 'em shine.

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