White dress, flowers, cake. The wedding formula is pretty set in stone, right? Not necessarily, as evidenced by these fresh new wedding trends we’re expecting to see a lot of over the next year.

wedding trends smallwedding

Smaller weddings

Not only are scaled-back affairs less expensive than 400-person blowouts, but they’re also more intimate and can be held in smaller, cooler spaces. (Meaning everyone else can see your awesome photos later.)

wedding trends brunch

Brunch weddings

Expect some couples to opt out of an extravagant evening affair in favor of a light and fresh sunlit celebration. Cheers to Champagne and French toast.

wedding trends offshoulder

Off-the-shoulder gowns

The beauty of this fashion trend (aside from being, you know, beautiful) is that it can be interpreted in different ways--boho in some situations, classic in others.

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wedding trends Bun
Thomas Concordia/Getty Images

Simple, pulled-back hair

Whether in the form of a loose and romantic braid or a clean and tight chignon, consider sweeping your hair off your face. It allows your makeup to shine and won’t be a hassle once you start dancing.

wedding trends bouquet

Cascading bouquets

Well, this is dramatic and lovely. Nothing against a compact nosegay, but if you want to be on the pulse of the trends, look toward more wild, overflowing arrangements.

wedding trends separates

Separates for bridesmaids

You know how every bride thinks her bridesmaids are going to rewear their dresses again and again for years to come, but they never do? That definitely won’t be the case if you dress them in chic separates that actually can be re-worn (and not necessarily together).

wedding trends cheese

Alternative cakes

A giant multi-tiered cake is often (literally) vanilla. Spice things up with a nontraditional dessert like a doughnut cake, a cake-pop cake, a croquembouche cake or a savory “cake” that’s really just wheels of cheese stacked on top of one another. (Seriously, it’s a thing.)

wedding trends marchingband

Marching bands

You might not be able to request the Electric Slide from these guys, but a selection of trumpets and trombones and tubas and drums are lively, fun and decidedly un-DJ-like. Book a local group for a unique processional or as a late-night dance-floor surprise.

wedding trends letter balloon

Letter balloons

Real talk: Flowers are expensive. Thankfully there are so many other cool ways to decorate now--like with giant letter balloons that can either spell out common phrases (“XO,” “LOVE,” etc.) or include personal messages (your names, your initials, your wedding hashtag).

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