58 Gifts for Millennials (Vetted by a Discerning Millennial)

We can't say no to a trendy olive oil

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Millennials are the worst to shop for, amirite? The demographic, whose ages span 43 to 28 this year, are notoriously scattered when it comes to their interests. So finding the perfect gifts for them can be daunting because 1) they’re rarely satisfied and 2) when they want something, they immediately go out and buy it themselves. I know this because I am a millennial. So that leaves everyone else in a rut, whether they’re shopping for boyfriends, girlfriends or that friend cresting into their 30s. But fear not: our editors have culled this list featuring 58 of the best gifts for millennials—sisters, brothers, friends, grandkids, cousins and pleasantly quirky neighbors included. From the serious chef to the beauty guru, we’ve got you covered.

The Top 10 Gifts for Millennials at a Glance


For Cozy Nights In

Aerie Cropped Sweatshirt and High-Waisted Joggers

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For the Jet-Setter

Béis The Weekender

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For the Smoothie Addict

Ninja Food Processor and Blender

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The It Bag

lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag

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For the Friend Who's Always Sore

TOLOCO Massage Gun

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How We Chose the Best Gifts for Millennials

PureWow editors (many of whom are millennials themselves) recommended products they’ve actually used and love. They also attend market appointments with brands throughout the year to find the most innovative products that make life easier and more fun. And, of course, they’ve kept tabs on all the year’s viral trends.

45 Experience Gifts That Will Win You the Most Thoughtful Present Award in 2024

Comfortable doesn’t always have to mean your rattiest t-shirt and high school gym sweatpants. Soft, relaxed, but still put-together enough to run to the grocery store for some last-minute ice cream, Aerie’s matching sweatsuits are gifts for millennials that are sure to be a hit. Though sold separately, you can buy the cropped sweatshirt and high-waisted joggers as a matching set. Each one is available in six colors, including honey, frost and blue. The bottoms get bonus points for having mega pockets.

For the Jet-Setter

2. Béis The Weekender


One of the best gifts for millennials is inarguably Béis’ beloved weekender bag. “Visually, the bag has everything I look for in a travel accessory, by which I mean it’s totally minimal and timeless,” says PureWow’s wellness director Sarah Stiefvater. “I chose the black color since I exclusively wear black while traveling (and while not traveling, honestly), but it’s also available in beige, gray and navy. It’s sleek and no-frills. The real selling point, in my opinion, is the spacious zippered compartment at the bottom of the bag, which is perfect for storing shoes, toiletry bags or even laundry.”

For the Smoothie Addict

3. Ninja Food Processor and Blender


Whether your friend starts their day with a smoothie or is an enthusiastic cook who is always whipping up soups, lemon curd and milkshakes, they’ll appreciate this Ninja two-in-one food processor and blender. The kit includes a dishwasher-safe 48-ounce pitcher and 16-ounce chopping bowl with powerful blades that clobber frozen fruit, ice and nuts seamlessly. PureWow Associate SEO Editor Marissa Wu uses hers daily and appreciates the compact motor that switches easily between pitcher and blender.

The It Bag

4. lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag


Yes, the belt bag is everywhere, and yes, it’s probably from lululemon. The brand’s Everywhere Belt Bag comes in two sizes: a one- and two- liter. Not sure which one to get? We’d say to play it safe (especially for the over-packers in your life) and opt for the larger version. There are 16 colors to choose from, including blue, burgundy, apricot and black. The fabric is water repellent and interior pockets keep everything organized.

For the Friend Who's Always Sore

5. TOLOCO Massage Gun


PureWow’s operations director of branded content, Rachel Gulmi, found that the affordable Tolocco Deep Tissue Massage Gun was a great way to tide her over between physical therapy sessions while she recovering from a herniated disk; it’s also a thoughtful gift for the millennial who is always working out. This massage gun has a whopping nine attachments that include the standard round, flat, fork and elbow heads, in addition to others that target areas like the abdominals, hands and feet. There are also seven speed settings and a convenient LED touch screen that displays all the info.

For the Low-Maintenance Millennial

6. Drybar Double Shot Blow-Dryer Brush


Got a friend who loves a blowout but can’t be bothered to juggle a round brush and a hair dryer? The Drybar Double Shot Blow-Dryer Brush solves that problem. The two-in-one tool promises a shiny, voluminous hairdo for all hair types and textures. Buyers have praised the manageable size, ease of use and frizz-conquering abilities.

A Recycled Style Staple

7. Coach Leather Ergo Bag


As most millennials can attest, nothing made us feel more stylish in junior high than hitting the mall with a Coach shoulder bag on our arm. Fast forward 20+ years later, and a Coach purse with a sleek early-aughts silhouette can still be found at the top of our wish lists. This little number features that minimalist look and classic crescent shape of our youth, but with the added bonus of being eco-friendly now. That's right, as part of the circular Coachtopia line, the pebbled Ergo bag is crafted from at least 50 percent recycled leather scraps that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. Trust, the millennial gal on your list will love this nostalgic style *and* the fact that it was made using environmentally conscious practices.

For the Cool Kid

8. Birkenstock Boston Clogs


For the guy in his “cozy-flannel-live-in-Maine” phase of life, why not pick him up a pair of Birkenstock’s popular Boston clogs? The anatomically correct cork footbed will provide hours of comfort and mold to his feet over time. The shoes also have a raised toe bar and deep heel cup to help with the distribution of body weight. (Because, you know, we’re reaching that time of life where everything is starting to hurt a little.)

For the Disorganized Traveler

9. BAGAIL Packing Cubes


“Something about an organized suitcase makes me feel at ease,” PureWow Senior Food Editor Katherine Gillen says. "I ordered [these] on a whim and promptly put them to use for a weekend trip—it took me like half the time to pack.” The packing cubes come in a bevy of colors, including matcha green, blue and white. There are five of them in a set, one of which is for shoes, and they promise to reduce the volume of your belongings by up to 50 percent.

The techie your list will love leaning into the Metaverse with a virtual reality headset. They can use it to play games, virtually attend concerts and sporting events and whatever else happens in this brave new world. A big plus is the easy install—the giftee just opens the box, sets it up with a smartphone app and jumps into VR.

For the Millennial Who Lives for Sweater Weather

11. Jenni Kayne Cashmere Cocoon Cardigan

Jenni Kayne

We’ll admit it: the cult-favorite Jenni Kayne Cocoon Cardigan is a splurge. But, if two PureWow editors are singing its praises, you know it has to live up to the hype—and price tag. "I keep it slung around the back of my desk chair for when I get cold while working, and it's my go-to layer whenever I'm traveling because it goes with pretty much everything," says PureWow Beauty Director Jenny Jin. PureWow Commerce Editor Olivia Dubyak also attests that she has worn hers for months on end. What’s to love? 100 percent Mongolian cashmere, tons of colors, oversized fit and resistance to pilling. Dressed up or down, one thing’s for sure: It’ll be permanently in their wardrobe rotation.  

For the Wine Lover

12. In Good Taste Vine Voyage

In Good Taste

We all have a friend (or two) who likes to pour themselves a glass of vino at the end of a long day and hop the tasting rooms of Napa every chance they get. From Italy to California, this set of eight wines from In Good Taste is one of the best gifts for millennials who live for summers touring vineyards.

For Hydration On-The-Go

13. Stanley Quencher H2.0 FlowState Tumbler


“I'm a 40-ounce Stanley Tumbler girl for life,” Dubyak says. “From the enticing color drops to the ease of the sturdy handle to carry around, the hype is real. There's just something about the make and style of the Stanley tumblers that make you want to drink more and more water. After griping about the prices then trying mine for himself, my husband agrees, and so does his navy tumbler.”

For the Fitness Guru

14. Google Pixel Watch 2


Have a Millennial friend who’s a gym rat? Google’s newest gadget has all the bells and whistles one would expect to help them perfect their workout regimen. Aside from tracking metrics like activity, workout duration and calories, the watch is also water resistant up to 164 feet, with WIFI and Bluetooth capabilities.

For the Olive Oil Afficionado

15. Graza Olive Oil


“Once you taste Graza’s premium olive oil, you’ll never go back to the supermarket stuff again,” proclaims PureWow Food Editor Taryn Pire. The brand creates its olive oil in Sierra de Cazorla, Spain, and currently offers two renditions: Drizzle and Sizzle. “This vibrant (seriously—it’s neon green, thanks to higher levels of chlorophyll retained during pressing) oil is made from young olives that are harvested during the first week of October,” Pire writes of the former. Meanwhile, Sizzle is pressed from peak-season December olives and is a great choice for cooking oil.

For the Tech-Obsessed

16. GETPALS iPhone Charging Station


“I once bought [this] for someone for Christmas and it was a hit,” says PureWow Associate Entertainment Editor Nakeisha Campbell. “I love that it's affordable, too.” For the friend who is juggling all of the Apple products, this is a must-have gift. The charging station is compatible with the iPhone 11 onwards and the Apple Watch SE and up. It will also charge second- and third- gen Air Pods. Other features to love: It’s lightweight, foldable, non-slip, case-friendly and quick (full charge in about three hours).

For the Fashion Trend Lover

17. Spanx Faux Leather Leggings


  • Size Range: XS to 3X

This bestselling style has an extra-wide waistband that slims the figure, as well as a design that has no center seam—so no more camel toe. Order one size up from your giftee's usual size to capture the ultra-snuggly millennial vibe.

For the Can't-Get-Out-of-Bed Millennial

18. Urban Outfitters James Folding Bed Tray

Urban Outfitters

Millennials have mastered the WFH game and this folding bed tray makes the experience that much easier. There's a drawer for a few office supplies and a panel that adjusts to three angles to comfortably position a laptop for typing or Zooming from bed. And if your giftee doesn't feel like working, it's an equally charming brunch-in-bed tray.

For the Coffee Addict

19. Bodum Bean Coffee Maker


This cold brew coffee maker lets the caffeine-dependent millennial on your list make the good stuff with barely a pause in their busy mornings. Just add fresh ground coffee and filtered water and let it steep for 12 to 24 hours in the fridge before pressing and pouring into a glass. Bonus: The whole contraption is dishwasher safe, which is necessary for getting rid of all those tiny coffee grinds.

For the Millennial Who’s Always Stressed Out

20. Bearaby Cotton Napper Weighted Blanket


Stress and anxiety are two things most 30-somethings know all too well. One simple way to help them deal? A weighted blanket. The density creates physical pressure on the body and can increase the release of serotonin (aka the happy chemical) in the brain for a calming effect. This Bearaby style is our top pick because it happens to look more like a chic woven throw, instead of a drab quilt.

For the Ravenous Carnivore

21. Butcher Box Big Game Box

Butcher Box

Your meat-eating (and sports fan) friend will be drooling over this Butcher Box. It’s got everything one would need for an epic game-day feast, including pulled pork, bacon, chicken strips and three pounds of chicken wings. Just make sure you score an invitation to the event.

For Pajama Enthusiasts

22. Nordstrom Moonlight Pajamas


  • Size Range: XS to XL

For the friend that likes to bed rot, make sure they look fab doing it in Nordstrom’s cult-favorite Moonlight pajamas. With elegant piping, notched lapels and plenty of fun colors and prints to choose from, these will become their go-to sleep set. The fabric is a soft, stretchy and comfortable Tencel that’s machine washable and dryer safe.

For the Hostess

23. The Cold Cork

The Cold Cork

Tepid wine? No thanks. Enter: The Cold Cork. “It’s perfect for when you don’t have the time or the refrigerator space to chill your beverage in advance,” says PureWow Social Content Lead Emily Brozyna. The claim to fame is that the cork can chill your wine by 20 degrees in 20 seconds. When not using, store in the freezer so it’s always on standby.

For the Wannabe Hair Stylist

24. Dyson Airwrap Styler


The TikTok styling videos of this multi-use styling tool are both hypnotic and inspirational. Reengineered so you can curl your hair in both directions using the same barrel, this splurge-worthy set includes six tools in one. There are soft and firm smoothing brushes, a round volumizing brush, a smoothing dryer, and 1.2- and 1.6-inch-long curling barrels—as well as a handsome storage box that has status appeal on your bathroom countertop, and a travel pouch. You don’t even need to know how to use traditional hair tools—the Dyson motor attracts and wraps hair, using only air.

For the Low-Effort Cook

25. Our Place Pan 2.0

Our Place

“This skillet strikes the ideal balance between aesthetics, quality and versatility…and it actually fits in the cabinets of my petite Brooklyn kitchen,” writes Gillen. “The ceramic coating is nontoxic and scratch-resistant—don’t stress too much if you accidentally go at it with a metal spatula—and wipes clean with little effort. And yes, it holds up to its nonstick claims; I’ve made many a fried egg with great success. And since the skillet is made of cast aluminum, it conducts heat quickly and evenly.”

For the Plant Parent

26. Bloomscape Philodendron Heartleaf


Even those who aren’t natural gardeners will find it easy to care for a philodendron. Before long, the vines will start growing in a pretty cascade over the edge of the gorgeous pot (your choice in five chic colors). Yup, it’s basically a decor piece, too.

For the Self-Care Devotee

27. Wildling Aura Collection


First there was jade rolling. Then Gua Sha became the next big thing. Now, it’s all about lymphatic drainage. Get them into the trendy self-care ritual with this kit that includes a dry brush, Aura stone and body serum and oil that seeks to detoxify, soothe skin and release tension from head to toe. It’s self-care on a whole new level—just the way millennials like it.

For the Pizza Lover

28. Ninja OO101 Woodfire 8-in-1 Pizza Oven


Maybe they have a dream of going to the World Pizza Games. (Yeah, that’s a real thing.) Maybe they’re just obsessed with the perfect pie. Either way, you’re doing yourself a favor by gifting them the Ninja 8-in-1 Pizza Oven. This contraption officially makes them the designated host of all future get-togethers. True to its name, the oven has many functions: pizza, max roast, specialty roast, broil, bake, smoker, dehydrate and keep warm. It promises pizza in a whopping three minutes and can also cook a 12-pound turkey or prime rib, nine-pound pork shoulder, sheet pan meal or 8x11 casserole. So, basically this is the only cooking appliance they’ll ever need.

For the Pet Lover

29. Tineco A11 Pet Vacuum Cleaner


A Dyson cordless vacuum might be the popular choice, but this option from Tineco is half the price and cleans twice as well. Don’t believe us? Read this glowing review of a similar Tineco model. Our favorite details? The polished blue-and-white color scheme and the genius app integration.

For the Lazy Coffee Lover

30. Blue Bottle Coffee Subscription

Blue Bottle Coffee

Blue Bottle coffee shops are only in a handful of cities around the U.S. and Asia, but anyone can get their delicious beans—from espresso to single origin to decaf—sent straight to their door. Opt for the weekly or monthly subscriptions that can be customized based on what they want, how much they drink and how often they'd like it to arrive.

For the Millennial with a Fur Baby

31. Wild One Walk Kit

Wild One

This one’s for all the dog moms and dads who put just as much thought into their pup’s aesthetic as their own. Wild One’s walk kits come with everything you need for a fashionable stroll around the block: a matching collar and leash, plus a poop bag holder, which comes in 12 crowd-pleasing colors (yes, millennial pink is one of them).

For the Nostalgic Millennial

32. Fujifilm Instax Mini Link 2


Baby Boomers had Polaroid cameras, and millennials have this Fujifilm smartphone printer. The nifty mini printer connects to your phone via Bluetooth and almost instantly pops out any photos you wish to print from your camera roll. That means you’ll get iPhone quality pics, ready to hang on the fridge in seconds.

For the At-Home Workout Fanatic

33. Bala Weighted Bangles

Bala Bangles

Whoever thought that workout equipment could be a status symbol? These one-pound bangles are beloved by fitness influencers including Melissa Wood for their comfortable fit around ankles and wrists. Plus, they’re actually pretty to look at.

For the Loungewear Lover

34. lululemon Scuba Hoodie


  • Size range: XS to XXL

Just looking at this oversized flannel hoodie gives us all the cozy vibes. Though lightweight, don’t be deceived. The breathable fabric is super soft and keeps you warm. It has a kangaroo pocket with a phone sleeve inside, plus thumbholes and an elastic zipper pull that becomes a hair tie in a pinch.

For the Millennial Whose Feet Are Always Cold

35. Acorn Moc Slippers


  • Size Range: 5-6 to 11-12

Slippers are the new footwear of choice for shuffling around the house during the workday. And they make great gifts because everyone could use a cozy treat. These feature ultra-cozy fleece on the inside and outside, plus a super grippy slip-proof sole.

For the Budding Polymath

36. MasterClass Subscription


Garden with Ron Finley. Train Fido with Brandon McMillan. Play poker with Phil Ivey. Write thrillers with Dan Brown. Dive into creativity with Anna Wintour. This is the best gift for millennials who want to be a polymath. With courses ranging from cooking to personal development, beauty and interior design, one thing’s for sure: They’ll never be bored.

For the Creative

37. Loopy Mango DIY Beginner Knitting Kit

Loopy Mango

Best believe your giftee will enjoy quiet nights at home until the weather breaks, learning to knit and finishing a scarf while they are Netflix-binging.

For the Ice-Cold Beer Lover

38. Yeti Rambler Colster Cooler


Have you ever tried to use a regular koozie on a slim can? Yeah, it doesn’t work too well. But this slim can insulator from YETI fits perfectly to keep that hard seltzer ice cold until the last drop. Consider this to be one gift that will definitely garner an, “oooh, cool!” response.

For the Caffeine Addict

39. Technivorm Moccamaster Coffee Brewer

Technivorm Moccamaster

“The Moccamaster drip coffee machine makes an incredible holiday gift for any coffee aficionado, new homeowner or sibling who’s tired of their Keurig machine,” says PureWow Director of Affiliate Strategy, Pam Masin. “It's known for brewing a high-quality cup of joe, but it's also extremely easy to use and it brews up to ten cups of coffee in under five minutes. Plus, it comes in 20 different colors, from butter yellow to pistachio.”

For the Millennial Who Needs a Skincare Routine

40. Versed Daily Facial Skincare System


We all know a skincare holdout who’s still washing their face with a bar of soap in the shower. Well, Versed makes an approachable skincare system that’ll have even the skeptics scrambling to get on the train.

For the Floral Enthusiast

41. The Flowers of Provence

Jamie Beck

The New York Times bestselling author of An American in Provence is back with her sophomore book, The Flowers of Provence. Filled with lush photographs of the French countryside, Jamie Beck’s latest creation takes you on a wonderous journey filled with the region’s most dazzling flora, from the rose fields of Grasse to private gardens and still life images that evoke the Dutch masters. There are also tutorials on flower preserving and arranging. “A complete must-have for any floral lover, whether you enjoy the art of arranging or just want an eye-catching coffee table book,” says PureWow associate SEO editor Marissa Wu.

The Jacket That Ties the Outfit Together

42. Dickies Eisenhower Jacket


“This jacket is durable and made from a sturdy cotton/poly twill that feels like it could withstand a lot of wear and tear, but it’s also insulated so it’ll make for a great layering piece in the winter,” says PureWow assistant editor Delia Curtis. “If you go oversized, it’s got a wonderful structure to pair with a comfy hoodie. I especially love the quilted inside.”

For the Tea Lover

43. Rishi Tea & Botanicals Gift Set

Rishi Tea & Botanicals

Not everyone starts their morning with a cup of joe. Wu can’t stop raving about Rishi Tea after having tried the brand’s Earl Grey, which is thus far, the best she’s ever had. The tea lover in your life is sure to swoon over this one-pound sampler of loose-leaf teas: turmeric ginger, hibiscus elderberry, bergamot rose and cinnamon tulsi spice. It also includes a glass teapot (with a strainer!). Rishi’s teas are certified organic and kosher.

For the Beauty Guru on the Go

44. The Good Patch At Ease Duo

The Good Patch

Wrinkles, meet your match. The Good Patch’s latest lineup of wellness patches include the At Ease Duo: Un-Wrinkle and Relax. For over 12 hours, the patches release ingredients like aloe, peptides, ceramides and vitamin B, all while being infused with passionflower, sodium hyaluronate and ashwagandha. Fatigue and wrinkles, begone.

For the Millennial Who’s Still a Kid at Heart

45. Nintendo Switch Mario Party Superstars Video Game


The days of Super Nintendo were simpler times, back when we played Mario Kart for hours on end and mom supplied endless Bagel Bites. While some of us still have that vintage gaming system, the timeless game is even more fun to play on Nintendo’s newest device, the Nintendo Switch. We think it’s because of the high-tech screen and super clear graphics. We call dibs on Baby Mario.

For the Serious Cook

46. KitchenAid Stainless Steel 10-Piece Set


Consider this one of the best gifts for millennials who are always in the kitchen and are ready to give up their flaking non-stick cookware. This 10-piece KitchenAid set is made of five-ply stainless steel, meaning it’s super sturdy and heats evenly. Plus, the stock pot and saucepans have interior measurement markings, so you can easily toss in ingredients without using an extra measuring cup. The pans are dishwasher- and oven-safe for up to 500 degrees.

For the Millennial Who’s Always Prepared

44. Milaner Elena Handbag


We all have a friend whose purse certifies them as a bona-fide Mary Poppins. Three types of sunscreen? Check. Extra sweater? You can borrow it. Acne patch? Got you. Naturally, they need a bag to hold it all, because it’s time to ditch that ratty Shakespeare & Co. tote they bought while studying abroad 15 years ago. Enter: Milaner’s The Travel Elena Woven Handbag. “The craftsmanship is impeccable and the brand works with luxury French and Italian artisans to create made-to-order pieces, with a focus on minimal waste in the production process,” Wu says. Another buyer called it “the epitome of quiet luxury” and we must agree. The super-roomy tote has a cotton-lined interior with two generous pockets and a magnetic top closure.

For Self-Care Sundays

48. Filorga Time-Filler Mask


Sundays are for R&R and we dare say any Millennial would appreciate a good, hydrating face mask. Filorga’s Time-Filler Mask is supremely decadent. “It’s literally dripping in a wrinkle-fighting serum (read: collagen and peptides) that left my skin feeling so refreshed. Plus, the rose-bergamot scent was amazing,” Wu says. Her favorite way to use the mask: Let it sit for the recommended time (about 15 minutes), then use the PMD Wave Pro’s infuse mode to help the skin soak up every last drop of serum.

For the Millennial Who Loves Game Night

49. Esther Perel Where Should We Begin Game of Stories

Esther Perel

“Esther Perel is the soothing, insightful voice of our generation and this card game from the world-famous relationship therapist is the ultimate group or couples activity for this cohort that's too old for drinking games but still wants to have a good time,” says PureWow Executive Editor Alexia Dellner. “The rules are simple: You just pick up a card and ask the question written on the card to the other players. But what happens next is where the magic is—be prepared to hear stories from your BFF that you’ve never heard before and keep a box of tissues handy. Some questions are funny (“a rule I secretly like to break is...”) and others profound (“a dream I've never shared...”), but always interesting. Highly recommend gifting this to your friend or partner, and then playing it!”

For the Candle Lover

50. boojee Candle & Vessel Starter Set


“We millennials love our candles (and any excuse to shop sustainably). That’s why I’m loving this new candle brand boojee,” says PureWow Senior Commerce Editor Stephanie Maida. “Their starter kit is perfect for gifting: It comes with a reusable ceramic vessel and two wax candles of your choice. Once they’re set with the vessel, your recipient can then buy refills of the candles themselves, which is a way more economical (and eco-friendly) method if they’re always lighting them in their home. Plus, the candle scents themselves are great!”

The Shoe That Elevates Any Outfit

51. Sperry Men’s Authentic Original Boat Shoe


OK, these might not be Loro Pianas, but classic boat shoes still proclaim, “I spend summers on Martha’s Vineyard!” Sperrys add instant prep to any outfit, and a classic pair will elevate everything from khakis to shorts. These are available in seven colors, four widths and 21 sizes with the brand’s 360-degree laces that allow him to adjust the fit. Plus, the light EVA foam midsole provides shock absorption. Comfortable and classy? Yes, please.

For the Friend Thinking About Botox

52. Ourself Filler Un-Jection Duo


“For millennials looking for a non-invasive, Botox-free skincare regimen that targets wrinkles and fine lines, I love Ourself’s Filler Un-Jection Duo Set,” Dellner says. “The serum and eye cream feel so good and moisturizing and just glide on. They also do some amazing lip glosses that I always get complimented on when I wear them! Yes, they’re pricey but for real results, it’s worth the price tag.”

For the Millennial Who Loves Sleep

53. Clementine Sleepwear Organic Silk Hair Bonnet

Clementine Sleepwear

For the friend who loves sleep and doesn’t want to mess up their hair, one of the best gifts for millennials is this bonnet from Clementine Sleepwear. Crafted from 100 percent organic, 6A mulberry silk (aka the best out there), the fabric is GOTS and OEKO-TEX certified and uses non-toxic dyes. The bonnet has an adjustable strap to accommodate different head shapes and sizes.

For the Fashion-Forward Guy

54. lululemon ABC Pants


  • Size Range: 28 to 40

He’s ready to ditch cargo shorts and flip flops. (Bless.) Help the guy in your life level up his look without sacrificing comfort with a pair of the ultra-popular lululemon ABC pants. “Apparently, the comfort level of the pants is off the charts, due to the tech fabrics like Warpstreme, a Japanese-loomed polyester that stretches like yoga pants but looks like nice heavy cotton, and Utilitech, a poly-cotton stretch blend,” writes PureWow Senior editor Dana Dickey. They come in 10 sleek, neutral colors, including navy, trench, obsidian and army green. Pockets and a silver accent button at the waist polish off the look.

For the Introspective Journaler

55. Kindred & Co. Prompted Journal

Kindred & Co.

Paper goods company Kindred & Co. is on a mission to help people embrace being human “beings” instead of human “doings.” Their prompt journal is a great gift for the friend who’s always scribbling—or is maybe feeling existential as they hit a new decade. Guided questions will help them slow down, reflect and take a deep breath amidst the chaos.

For the Millennial with Dry, Sensitive Skin

56. Violets Are Blue Jelly Mask

Violets Are Blue

Violets Are Blue founder Cynthia Besteman started making skincare products for herself while undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Chemo had rendered her skin incredibly dry, but the products were so effective, her nurses asked what she had been doing to keep her skin so healthy. That led to the official launch of Violets Are Blue. The brand makes a great, super-hydrating Enzyme Jelly Hydra mask billed as a “facial in a jar.” Ingredients include Icelandic moss (for hydration) and Phytic acid (for brightening). Wu found the scent calming and says her skin was plump and soft after application.

For the Millennial Man Still Searching for His Style

57. Stitch Fix for Men

Stitch Fix

The guy in your life may be ready to ditch the board shorts, but lululemon’s ABC pants will only get him so far. Set him up for an era of great style with a Stitch Fix subscription. For $20/month, a stylist will help him curate a wardrobe that is totally swoon-worthy, we promise.

For the Frazzled Friend

58. Saint Basil Farm Balanced as a Bluebird Herbal Tea

Saint Basil Farm

Have a friend who’s perpetually stressed? Sounds like they need a calming cup of tea. Saint Basil Farm, run by a holistic nutritionist, creates thoughtfully crafted herbal teas, and Balanced as a Bluebird is packed with anxiety-relieving ingredients. That includes three types of holy basil plus ashwagandha, a plant often used to treat stress.

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