Hey Maryland, What’s Hoagie Dip? The Most Surprising Super Bowl 2023 Food Trends We’re Seeing

a map of the united states with the top searched-for dips for the Super Bowl in each state

If you’re like us, you’re not just serving a bubbling batch of buffalo chicken dip for your Super Bowl 2023 watch party. You’re also polling your friends and family far and wide to see what’s on their menu. (Some call it nosiness. We call it market research.) If snack snooping is your fave pastime too, you’re in luck: Ahead of Sunday’s big game, Google revealed the top searched Super Bowl recipes across the U.S., and even we were surprised by the findings.

a bowl of lemon pepper chicken wings
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One Wing to Rule Them All (and It’s Not Buffalo)

Chicken wings and the Super Bowl are like two peas in a pod (and per the report, searches for them reach an all-time high in February of each year), but as it turns out, the classic Buffalo sauce isn’t the only way. According to Google, these are the top-searched chicken wing flavors in the United States in the past week:

  1. Lemon pepper chicken wings
  2. Buffalo chicken wings
  3. Honey garlic chicken wings
  4. BBQ chicken wings
  5. Teriyaki chicken wings

(Don’t tell anyone, but we’re secretly rooting for boneless barbecue above all else. We know they’re glorified chicken nuggets. We don’t care.)

a bowl of buffalo chicken dip with peppers, blue cheese crumbles and celery on the side
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Buffalo Chicken Is the Front-Runner, But Banana Bread Makes a Run for Gold

Of course, you can’t get away with just wings, but let’s not stray too far. The most sought-after Super Bowl recipes in the past week overall includes buffalo chicken dip, naturally, along with a few surprises:

  1. Buffalo chicken dip
  2. Chili
  3. Philly cheesesteak
  4. Pigs in a blanket
  5. Banana bread

Justice for pigs in a blanket! We knew everyone loved ’em, even if they wouldn’t admit it.

But as you’ll see on the map at the top of the page, regional variations abound, especially when it comes to dips. Maryland is alone in its pursuit of the perfect “hoagie dip,” which is like the inside of an Italian sub but in a chip-dippable format (we Googled it). Meanwhile, Washington is making crab dip (fancy), South Dakota is all aboard the pickle train and although Ohio could’ve gone for Skyline chili dip, it’s coming off a Bengals loss with nacho dip instead.

two Michelada cocktails garnished with jalapeños and lime
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And to Wash It All Down...

There will be beer, duh, but maybe you want to put down that Miller Lite in place of something a little more elevated? These are the top-searched Super Bowl cocktails in Google’s report:

  1. Super Bowl punch (Essentially a big-batch cocktail; recipes for this typically include vodka…and then any range of mixers, from frozen limeade to OJ)
  2. Michelada
  3. Paloma
  4. Mojito
  5. Margarita

Other fascinating insights: Folks in Kansas City, Missouri, are searching for cocktail meatball recipes, while Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, residents are seeking recipes for seven-layer dip. Well, whether you’re a Chiefs fan or an Eagles diehard, you’re all in luck: We have recipe ideas for both.

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