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Can’t Find Anything to Eat? Your Pantry Needs This Celeb-Approved Makeover

Ever wonder if you have any cumin or canned tomatoes or even something basic like salt, only to get frustrated searching a cluttered cabinet, black out and find yourself resorting to DoorDash again? Break the disorganization-frustration cycle with these pantry makeover tips from The Home Edit, the home organization service that helps clients create Pinterest-worthy shelves and cabinets. First things first: Take everything out of your pantry, toss what’s expired and combine duplicates. Note whatever’s gone to waste and don’t buy it again. (Not in the DIY mood? The Home Edit will send over a team from its Nashville HQ or its new L.A. office to clean up your mess with no judgment.) Read on for the fun part that comes next…

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1. Create Categorized Zones

Vow to eliminate wasting time searching through cupboards, since it really drains the golden aura out of cooking at home. Instead, create a system of broad categories: snacks, dinner, breakfast, baking, spices and the like. (But beware, honor students: Don’t get too specific, or your pantry will be hard to maintain and unpacking groceries will become a nightmare.

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Open-front bin ($12)

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Glass storage jar, $7

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Chrome shelf, $10

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2. Keep Items Visible

Swap cluttered-looking boxes and bags for reusable glass or acrylic storage. The more consistent, the better. Put all of your spices in alphabetical order on risers or a turntable for better visibility.

20 bottle spice rack
The Container Store

20-bottle spice rack, $35

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Expand-a-shelf, $15

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Oak-top canister, $14

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3. Label Everything

Not only is a cohesive label system useful and attractive, it’s also a deterrent against disorder. For example, you’ll never be able to put a bag of chips into a bin labeled breakfast without feeling totally guilty.

script labels
The Home Edit

Set of 27 script labels, $65

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The Container Store

Rectangular canister, $16

round spice rack
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