These 17 Low-Carb Pasta Recipes Are on Your Diet

You have a weakness for pasta. Huge bowls of pasta. Here are 17 low-carb versions so you can indulge to your heart’s content.

20 Clean-Eating Pasta Recipes

sweet potato noodles with almond sauce recipe
Photo: Liz Andrew/Styling: Erin McDowell

Sweet Potato Noodles With Almond Sauce

We see you, sweet potato noods. You’re basically a salad masquerading as delicious, creamy takeout.

kelp and zucchini noodle pad thai recipe
Photo: Michael Marquand/Styling: Jodi Moreno

Kelp And Zucchini Noodle Pad Thai

If you haven’t cooked with kelp noodles, we guarantee this recipe will have you hooked. Traditionally found in Korean dishes, they don’t need any stovetop time—just soaking—and taste a bit like al dente glass noodles. They’re gluten-free, paleo and rich in nutrients like iron, vitamin K, calcium and fiber.

baked zucchini ziti spirals with mozzarella recipe1
Photo: Liz Andrew/Styling: Erin McDowell

Baked Zucchini ‘ziti’ Spirals With Mozzarella

This lightened-up version of an Italian classic has all the cheesiness but none of the carbs, thanks to ribbons of zucchini instead of noodles. Total win-win.

pesto zoodles recipe
Photo: Liz Andrew/Styling: Erin McDowell

Pesto Zoodles

Veggies coated in luscious cheesy pesto topped with even more cheese barely taste like veggies at all.

cheesy raw vegan zucchini lasagna hero1
Simon Smith/Vegan 100

Cheesy Raw Vegan Zucchini Lasagna

Creamy “cheese” sauce, tomato sauce, herby pesto and shaved veggie lasagna “noodles” come together into delicious, rich stacks.

cold lemon zoodles recipe2
Photo: Liz Andrew/Styling: Erin McDowell

Cold Lemon Zoodles

With a light dressing and no actual cooking required, this dish is an ideal lazy-girl dinner. Oh, and did we mention it comes together in only 25 minutes?

vegan spaghetti squash mushroom marinara sauce
Photo: Liz Andrew/Styling: Erin McDowell

Vegan Spaghetti Squash With Mushroom Marinara Sauce

Just because spaghetti squash is a healthy substitute for real-deal pasta doesn’t mean it should pale in comparison. This version would make any Italian grandma proud.

creamy gochjuang zoodles recipe 921
Photo: Liz Andrew/Styling: Erin McDowell

Creamy Gochujang Zoodles

The whole point of zucchini noodles? To load them up with the tastiest toppings imaginable, like red pepper-gochujang-kimchi sauce, a fried egg and tons of grated Parmesan cheese.

cacio e pepe cauliflower 921
Photo: Liz Andrew/Styling: Erin McDowell

Cacio E Pepe Cauliflower

Swap out elbows entirely for our favorite low-carb veggie, cauliflower. Give it a creamy pasta sauce treatment and no one will be the wiser.

20 minute shrimp scampi zoodles recipe 921
Photo: Liz Andrew/Styling: Erin McDowell

Shrimp Scampi Zoodles

Buttery and bright—minus the carbs. Whip this dish up in a single skillet for a satisfying lunch or dinner in just 20 minutes.

ravioli lasagna recipe
Photo: Liz Andrew/Styling: Erin McDowell

Ravioli Lasagna

We know what you’re saying: How is this low-carb? Hear us out. Instead of lasagna noodles, this casserole is made with ravioli, meaning each portion is the size of one ravioli stack. Portion control at its finest.

zoodles with tomato sauce and mozzarella
Photo: Liz Andrew/Styling: Erin McDowell

Zoodles With Tomato Sauce And Mozzarella

We're loving this this lighter take on spaghetti Pomodoro, which subs zucchini noodles for carbs. We could eat this every day and feel really damn great about it.

cauliflower macaroni and cheese recipe2
Photo: Liz Andrew/Styling: Erin McDowell

Roasted Cauliflower Macaroni And Cheese

No one would know it, but there’s lots of cauliflower hiding underneath that crispy, cheesy topping. (While there’s still a decent amount of carbs hiding in the gemelli, it’s not as sinful as traditional mac and cheese.)

meal prep turkey meatballs zucchini noodles recipe hero
Photo: Liz Andrew/Styling: Erin McDowell

Meal-prep Turkey Meatballs With Zucchini Noodles

The best thing about zoodles? You can make them a few nights in advance without worrying that they’ll become a giant, sticky mess (spaghetti, we’re looking at you).

cold sesame cucumber noodles recipe

Cold Sesame Cucumber Noodles

Sesame oil, soy sauce, rice vinegar, tahini, sriracha, ginger...these zucchini noodles are anything but flavorless.

instant cup of zoodles

Instant Cup Of Noodles With Spiralized Vegetables

Eat your heart out, Campbell’s. This alternative is easy, healthy and satisfying. It swaps in spiralized carrots and zucchini for regular noodles and red curry paste for MSG. 

zoodle stir fry recipe
Photo: Liz Andrew/Styling: Erin McDowell

Zoodle Stir-fry

Stir-fries are flavorful, filling and when they’re made with zoodles instead of noodles (or rice) they’re gloriously good for our waistline. Dig in.

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