Why You Need to Head to Hudson Yards for Your Next Date Night (No, Really)

As anyone who lives/works in the neighbs can tell you (hi, PureWow HQ), you’d be hard-pressed to find a pharmacy—let alone a hot spot—in the far-west reaches above Chelsea. Until today, that is—with the opening of Legacy Records. The latest venture from the folks behind Charlie Bird and Pasquale Jones, this sleek spot boasts everything you’d want in a date-night restaurant: sexy decor, a killer wine list and thoughtful dishes that won’t leave you feeling like you ate an elephant. Here’s why you need to pay a visit to Hudson Yards, tout de suite.

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legacy records bar
Douglas Friedman

The Space

To tackle the interior, they brought in the big guns: Ken Fulk of Noda, Sadelle's and San Franciscos’s oft-Instagrammed Leo’s Oyster Bar, among others. Celebrated for his whimsical, cozy polish, Fulk adopted a mid-century vibe for the space (i.e., brass cigarette tables, buttery leather upholstery, warm woods and seductive art). Spanning two floors, Legacy encompasses an 85-seat restaurant, a walk-up indoor/outdoor café, two private dining rooms with experiential open kitchens, and a cocktail and wine bar.

legacy records crudo
Robyn Lehr

The Food

Like Delicious Hospitality’s other restaurants, the menu here melds Mediterranean with American cooking—and in Legacy’s case, a seafood-centric approach. There’s a dreamy crudo menu (get in our bellies, Nantucket bay scallops with lime and yogurt) as well a host of inventive pastas and simple oven roasts offered as mains.

legacy records cocktail
Robyn Lehr

The Drinks

Legacy Records is not.messing.around when it comes to its booze program. While the upstairs bar (which has more of a deco, Roaring ’20s feel) offers a huge menu of cocktails, there’s also a intimidating serious 350-bottle wine list curated by the best sommelier in the world. (No, literally, the hospitality lead is the best sommelier in the world.)

legacy records henry hall
Courtesy of Henry Hall

The Building

Also of note: The restaurant calls Henry Hall home, a swanky new residential complex which boasts a VIP lounge, a “jam room” and Ken Fulk treatments throughout (necessary). After a recent preview, we couldn’t help ourselves from stopping in the lobby, slinking into a rattan lounge chair and pretending we live here. Also,’s kind of a hike to get home.


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