12 Easy Baking Recipes the Whole Family Can Make Together

Contrary to popular belief, we think there are never too many cooks in the kitchen, especially when they’re using their little hands to help bake a homemade treat that everyone in the family can enjoy. Besides teaching them discipline (two teaspoons is not the same as two handfuls) and sharing a bit of family history (“When my mom used to make this…”), you’ll get to reap the benefits of all their hard work (in the form of a slice of the pie, of course). Here, 12 baking recipes that’ll have you wishing for a rainy day just so you can break out the matching aprons.

1. Pizza Muffins

There’s no denying it: Kids love pizza, so they’ll be begging to help you whip up these homemade mozzarella-stuffed muffins. The best part: You only need five ingredients and 30 minutes (less time than it takes a delivery guy to bring their favorite weekend food).

2. Banana Bread

There’s something to be said for baking a loaf of bread together as a family. Maybe the smell of fresh bread reminds us of our own childhood or maybe it’s the discipline required to see the process through to the delicious end. Whatever it is, this recipe, which substitutes Mott’s No-Sugar-Added Applesauce for cooking oil (it lowers the calorie count), is perfect for a rainy baking day.

3. Meyer Lemon Loaf Cake

This mouthwatering recipe comes at ya just in time for peak citrus season (November to April) and can be divvied up so everyone in your fam has a specific task: making the glaze, zesting the lemon, mixing the cake batter, adding the eggs one at a time…oh, and don’t forget licking the icing spoon, of course.

4. Cookies-and-cream Shortbread Cookies

Most of the heavy lifting for this delicious Oreo-inspired dessert is done super quickly in a food processor, meaning kids will have a ball getting to press the handle and see the ingredients turn into dough. Then, they get to roll out the dough on a floured surface before using cookie cutters to make whatever shapes their little hearts desire. Just don’t forget the glasses of milk when you’re all done.

5. Baked Apple Cinnamon Rolls

Get the whole family together to make these breakfast treats, which use Mott’s Applesauce instead of cooking oil for fewer calories and the yummy flavor of real apples (without all that messy coring and slicing business). It also uses store-bought pizza dough, so no difficult kneading required.

6. 'everything Bagel' Cauliflower Rolls

This healthy upgrade to your weekend bagel breakfast uses riced, baked cauliflower instead of white bread, but the texture is so similar we doubt your family will even guess they’re eating gluten-free. Get the kids in on rolling the dough into balls and then covering them in everything bagel seasoning.

7. Easy Cherry Skillet Cake

Can you even believe something so beautiful takes only an hour to whip up (and less time when you gather all your cooks in the kitchen)? Bonus: Make your own homemade whipped cream to serve on top (and then invite us over? K, thanks).

8. Chocolate-stuffed Brownie Bites

What’s better than ooey, gooey, perfectly moist mini brownie bites? When they’re stuffed with a chunk of chocolate, of course. Designate a master chocolatier to be in charge of the monumental task. Their reward? Licking the brownie batter spatula.

9. Universal Muffin Mix

You’ve got one munchkin who loves chocolate and nuts, and another who prefers fresh fruit. No problemo. This muffin mix is like a blank canvas for whatever fillings each member of the family prefers.

10. Caramel-stuffed Chocolate-chip Cookies

A twist on the classic chocolate-chip cookie that’s easier than it looks. Pick up some Werther’s Original soft caramel chews (or ask Gran for a handful of hers) to pop into the middle of the cookie dough. Sprinkle with fancy flaky sea salt for the finishing touch.

11. Angel Food Cake

Why hassle with cake layers and frosting knives when you could bake something that looks just as gorgeous in half the time? Plus, this is a “counter cake,” meaning you’ll have leftovers on your counter for everyone to enjoy the whole week through.

12. Mini Strawberry Ice-cream Pies

We repeat: Mini. Strawberry. Ice Cream. Pies. Divide the graham-cracker crust into mini pie pans or ramekins and pop them into the oven, then roast the strawberries for 15 minutes. Appoint an official ice-cream scooper to add the finishing touch

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