Is Chilled Red Wine the New Rosé? (Yeah, We Went There)

We know. What we’re saying is blasphemous. But just because you have another kid doesn’t mean you love your first one any less. You just have to divide your time between the two. We promise rosé isn’t leaving—she’s just going to college, which means more room at the dinner table for our new summer go-to: chilled red wine.

For centuries (maybe) wine snobs have mocked those who dropped an ice cube into a glass of red. But actually, some reds are meant to be served cold. And this summer, we invite you to experience the glorious juxtaposition of a crisp, straightforward and refreshing red.

The best reds to serve chilled? Look for wines made from the Gamay grape of the Beaujolais region in France (also popping up in Oregon and California). So next time you’re in your wine shop, ask them to point you to a light-bodied Beaujolais (pronounced bo-jha-lay).

Will we rosé all day again? Of course we will. We never stopped. But when it comes to a summer barbecue and a burger, we’re breaking out the chilled red.

Dara Katz

Executive Editor, Frazzled Mom, Bravo-Holic

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