Whoa: This Is the Absolute Best Wine to Pair with Pizza

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It’s not a pizza party without a little vino. And, sure, while lots of options stand up nicely to doughy pizza, there’s only one wine that was basically made for drinking with a cheesy, delicious pie.

Meet: Lambrusco, a sparkling Italian red. (Call your girlfriend: Red wine can be sparkling, too.)

Now we know what you’re thinking: Lambrusco? Isn’t it that like an overly sweet, cheap frat party favorite? Well, sure. But that goes for any low-budget varietal. A quality Lambrusco is light and fresh with fruity tastes (like cherry, wild strawberry and plum) balanced with a slightly dry acidity.

Put it all together—fruit-forward flavor, dryness and bubbles—and you have the ultimate wine to pair with pizza. The light bubbles contrast the doughy crust; the high acidity complements the tomato sauce; and the medium tannins balance the cheesiness.

So if you’re picking up pizza tonight, grab some Lambrusco (you can get an exceptional bottle for about $16). Pizza night just got fancy.

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