8 Aldi Shopping Secrets You Never Knew Existed

Aldi is famous for its exceptionally affordable groceries, but there’s a lot more to the German grocery store chain than a solid deal on bananas. We interviewed chefs and our savviest shopping pals (and scoured dark corners of the Internet) to bring you these eight secrets for getting the most out of your favorite supermarket.

4 Things You Should Always Buy at Aldi (and 3 Things You Shouldn’t)

Go on Wednesdays for new deals
New prices roll out weekly on hump day, including a collection of produce picks of the week. This means you can get produce for next to nothing. Oh hi, 49-cent avocados. A big batch of homemade guac is sounding pretty nice right now.

Return groceries for double cash back
Hmm, those orange cream cookies you bought last week weren’t the best, but they cost only $2 in the first place, right? Not so fast. Instead of tossing them, return them for a full refund, plus a new sleeve of cookies you do like. How’s that for great customer service?

Grab the meat in the back of the fridge
Expert tip: Meat that’s at the front of the cooler is the oldest (so people will buy it first). Reach deeper for chicken breast that’ll last longer. Same goes for refrigerated foods and bread.

Shop for fresh produce in the morning
Aldi's produce is delivered first thing in the a.m., often sourced from local farms. If you go shopping early, you might see chefs scouring the shelves for veggies for their restaurants. Take a leaf out of their book and go right when the store opens—you’ll get quality, local veggies for a fraction of what you’d pay at the farmers’ market.

Satisfy your Girl Scout cookie craving
When you can’t find any Scouts selling cookies, Aldi's has your back with knock-off Thin Mints, Tagalongs and Samoas. Made by a brand called Benton’s, they’re about half the price of official Girl Scout cookies­­ and taste exactly the same.

Try the gluten-free goodies
Called “liveGfree,” Aldi’s private label is cheaper and closer to the real deal than a lot of name brand you’ll find at other stores. Fan favorites include the bread, ravioli, lasagna, chocolate-chip brownie bites and pizza.

Don’t forget about the wine
In case you missed the memo, a panel of wine experts declared the grocery store’s Exquisite Collection Côtes de Provence Rosé 2016 one of the best rosés in the world. Not bad for an $8 bottle. Top-shelf taste on a boxed-wine budget? Don’t mind if we do.

Stock up on artisanal coffee
Mass-market varieties are usually pretty meh, but Aldi stocks single origin, organic and fair-trade beans that are always fresh and fragrant. Hint: The java from Peru and the K-Cups for Keurig users are especially awesome.

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