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We’ve taught you how to make your heels more comfortable, but what if you’re not quite there yet? As in, you still haven’t nailed even the walking-in-them-regardless part? Don’t fret. We’ve got four simple tips for not teetering like a newborn deer.

heel tips rockstud

Start small

If you’re not a heels girl, don’t expect to slip into a pair of six-inch Louboutins and glide out the door. Start with something a little more manageable, like a three-inch stacked heel or something with a wedge or platform. Practice, practice, practice, then we can talk about working your way up to those bananas Jimmy Choos

heel tips socks

Break them in

Before wearing a new pair in public, strut around the house a bit (with socks!) to stretch out the leather. Then scuff up the soles with sandpaper to prevent slipping and sliding and allow you to focus completely on channeling Naomi Campbell.

heel tips steps

Shorten your stride

They say life is a marathon, not a sprint. And that applies to walking in heels, too. Save your miles-long stride for sneaks and, here, take shorter steps (walking heel to toe). This will help you focus on your gait--and maybe not rolling your ankle. 

heel tips line

Walk in a straight line

Another way to focus? Visualize. Instead of staring at your feet, look ahead and picture a straight line between you and your destination. Tightening your core but allowing your hips to slightly swing back and forth, walk on the imaginary straight line. 


Take advantage of chairs

Even the most seasoned high-heel wearer will tell you--trekking around in these babies isn’t easy. You just have to be smart about your time spent in them. That means, take any and every opportunity to sit down, saving your feet from petering out prematurely. Everyone will be too busy admiring your super-toned legs to judge you for popping a squat in the middle of a cocktail party anyway.

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