This Abercrombie & Fitch Dress Makes Me Feel Like I’m in ‘White Lotus’—and It Comes in Petite and Tall

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Abercrombie dress: A woman wears a blue-and-white floral print dress
Paula Boudes for PureWow
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As a geriatric millennial, Abercrombie & Fitch conjures up images of graphic tees with overly cheesy sayings (“Hot Tub Lifeguard” and “Stone-Cold Fox” ring a bell), the shortest denim cutoffs imaginable and the unmistakable aroma of the company’s signature scent, all of which I wore nonstop my senior year of high school. But thanks to a huge rebranding on the part of the brand, its wares have come a long way. Recent months have even seen the fashion set taking note of A&F, with TikTokers @oliviaamcdowell and @californiaistoocasual selling out the now-viral strappy plunge corset maxi Abercrombie dress. It was another frock on the site that stole my heart, however—and lucky for you, it’s still up for grabs. Friends, feast your eyes on the strapless linen-blend midi dress ($75).

Below, four reasons why this dress will be my go-to this summer.

Abercrombie dress: A woman wears a blue-and-white dress
Paula Boudes for PureWow

Pockets1. It's Stunning—and It Has Pockets

Let me just state the obvious here: This dress is gorgeous. As in, 100 percent absolutely stunning. Everything about it, from the White Lotus-esque pattern (just try and tell me you don’t hear the show’s theme song playing in your head while you gaze at it—just try!) to the elegant A-line silhouette makes me long to be jet-setting in Sicily, Capri or anywhere along the Amalfi Coast where I can bask in the sun and take in the sights.

Beyond that, it's equipped with the holy grail of functionality when it comes to sundresses—pockets. That's right, ladies, I said it: beautifully cut, functional pockets big enough for a cell phone, your keys and even a small cardholder.

The bad news? The blue floral print I love so much in this dress is currently sold out in most sizes. The good news? This dress is available in four solid colors (coral, black, white and green).

If it’s the print you’re madly in love with (same), you can still get that, too, in the form of this smocked midi dress ($83) or puff-sleeve mini dress ($60).

Abercrombie dress: A woman wears a blue-and-white dress in the sun
Paula Boudes for PureWow

2. It Doesn't Need Alterations

I am 5-foot-1 and three quarters (and yes, I count the three quarters). That means that 99.9 percent of maxi and even midi dresses drag the ground when I walk unless I have them altered. On a hunch that this might be the case with this frock, my eyes lit up when I saw the petite option.

Spoiler alert? It worked—the petite hit exactly where it was supposed to on me (aka right at mid-calf) with no alterations necessary. (Psst: Not a shorty? There’s also tall sizing available.)

As several reviewers mentioned, the bust area was a bit big, but it was nothing that couldn’t be fixed with a strapless bra and the addition of the included straps (although based on the reviews of others, I suspect that the regular size might leave an unflattering gap).

My one gripe would be that the strap fasteners could be a little easier to get on and off and can dig into your shoulder a bit if not adjusted properly, but once correctly situated, they got the job done.

Abercrombie dress: A woman wears a blue-and-white dress in the sun
Paula Boudes for PureWow

3. It's Built to Last

Despite the fact that linen fabric is  heavier than cotton by nature, this dress, which is 53 percent linen and 47 percent cotton, feels far more heavy-duty than my 100 percent linen Reformation Barrington dress (which was also far pricier).

In addition to feeling sturdier, the heavier fabric means it doesn't fly up, even in strong winds—something I very much appreciated while wearing it around my boyfriend's parents.

Even with a full lining, however, which allows you to wear practically any undergarments you so choose (always a huge win on laundry day), it never felt stuffy or uncomfortable.

Abercrombie dress: A woman wears a blue-and-white dress
Paula Boudes for PureWow

4. It's a Breeze to Wash

If you ask me, the difference between a good dress and a great dress is the ability to easily care for it. After all, how much wear are you really getting out of it if it's constantly sitting in your dry cleaning pile? This little beauty is not only machine-washable (can we get an amen!), it line-dries without wrinkles. (Really! I tested it.) That alone is worth its weight in gold—or at the very least, its $75 sale price.

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