Humankind has put people on the moon, can build skyscrapers more than 100-stories high and even found a way to make meatless meat that tastes remarkably like regular meat. So why, in the year 2021, is it still so difficult to design a strapless bra that doesn’t inevitably wind up slung around our waist like a belt after just a few hours? As the country begins to reopen and we plan to head out the door in grand style, we made it our mission to find the best strapless bras on the internet. Here, you’ll find nine options that work for a variety of cup sizes, body types and clothing styles, with the promise that they won't slip, gape our slouch. Now all that’s left to decide is which shoulder-baring frock to sport first.

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1. Best Overall: Lively Lace Strapless

What It Promises: A very pretty design that combines decorative lace with breathable mesh. It also comes with an active-inspired band, that should in theory stay put better than your typical bra band.

What the Reviews Say: Per one size DD wearer, “I hate, hate, hate strapless bras, but I’ll gladly wear this one again. I love that it isn’t padded, but still feels supportive. The thin, sort of sticky material that prevents it from falling is effective without being burdensome.” The stickiness she refers to is a silicone strip on both the band that wraps under your bust as well as at the top of the cups, which is designed help keep everything securely in place. In fact, the top two comments from reviewers are that the bra doesn’t budge (even after 12 hours of wear) and that the lace is gorgeous. “It looks super chic,” says one PureWow editor and new fan. “I would totally wear this as a peekaboo moment under a deep-V or sheer shirt.”

Buy it ($35)

Available in sizes 32A to 38DD


2. Least Likely to Slip: Thirdlove 24/7 Classic

What It Promises: Made with a soft micro-jersey fabric (in other words, it’s ultra-soft), this bra—available in whole and half sizes and a size range that goes from AA to I—is designed with versatility, comfort and a perfect fit in mind.

What the Reviews Say: “The tight fit of the cups to my boobs—quite possibly due to the sizing options—meant the bra didn’t budge all day,” says one size 36C reviewer. Others rave about the no-slip “sticky” grip in the band and the coverage provided by the fuller cups. Others love that half-size options (for sizes A through D) help minimize any chance of weird gaping or bulging. Plus, according to another happy shopper, “The fit of this bra was smooth enough under clothing that I could wear it with a strapless dress or a silky blouse.”

Buy it ($65)

Available in sizes 32AA to 48I


3. Best for Bigger Boobs: Wacoal Red Carpet Full Bust Underwire

What It Promises: Complete with molded underwire cups and a bit of light foam padding, this strapless bra is designed to provide shaping, structure and support while still staying in place for those who fit a D cup or higher.

What the Reviews Say: This bra came recommended by one of PureWow’s own and is the only strapless bra she trusts to really support her bosom through a multi-hour function, like a wedding reception or gala. “It’s great for big boobs because of the boning, which mean the cups don’t fold as the day goes on, and Goldilocks amount of padding.” This bra definitely isn’t a push-up, but does have enough padding to help smooth your silhouette and prevent any nippy situations. And, as promised, it works remarkably well for even a size G cup. Per one size 32G shopper says, “I could never imagine going strapless, but I decided to take a chance and, oh, I am so glad I did. This bra stays in place, right where it should be, and I don’t have to fix it at all throughout the day. It’s pricey, but worth every penny.”

Buy it ($68)

Available in sizes 30D to 44G


4. Best Lift: Aerie Real Happy Strapless Push Up

What It Promises: This lightly lined convertible style provides underwire support with natural, gentle shaping in the form of subtle (but effective) padding. The soft and stretchy fabric also provides maximum support and comfort.

What the Reviews Say: For those who do want to add a little extra oomph to their bustline, this Aerie style should do just the trick, providing a natural-looking boost that doesn’t look like you stuffed your bra with pillows or water balloons. Yes, even for those with a size AA or DDD. It’s also surprisingly comfortable and, according to one PureWow editor, doesn’t come with the same overly tight band that so many strapless bras resort to. “I love this one because it’s just so comfortable,” she says, “and feels a lot like a normal everyday bra. And the push-up material helps lift my boobs, which sit lower on my chest, to a more flattering place for a strapless gown.”

Buy it ($40)

Available in sizes 30 A to 40D

Bare Necessities

5. Best Mesh Style: DKNY Sheers Strapless Underwire

What It Promises: A sexy, sheer silhouette that uses impeccable construction and seaming alongside stretchy (but not too stretchy) mesh to give your bosom natural-looking support.

What the Reviews Say: The combination of a wide band and techy stretch microfiber results in a surprisingly high level of support, though we will admit, those looking for a lot of lift coverage might be happier with a different bra. That said, the breathable, soft material is a spectacular mix of comfy and sexy. “Not only does it fit perfectly, it's also one of the most comfortable bras I've ever worn,” raves one shopper. “It feels sexy without feeling unsophisticated. And I highly suggest getting the matching hipsters. Such a great set.” Although we were skeptical about how much support those with ample bosom would find, there are multiple reviews from women with D, DDD and even E cups that say this bra fits well, thanks in large part to the wider band.

Buy it ($50)

Available in sizes 32A to 38DD


6. Smoothest Silhouette: Felina Body Luxe Convertible Underwire Contour

What It Promises: Hidden underwires and molded cups that offer lots of support while smoothing your silhouette all over. Silicone stays also help keep this beauty in place, even as you bust a move on the dance floor.

What the Reviews Say: Even the silkiest tops don’t stand a chance against the seamless construction of this Felina bra. The unique design—which features a structured underwire hidden under a molded outer layer—won’t fold, gap or dimple, no matter your cup size, and has a wide band to help continue that magical smoothing effect through the sides and back. Per one size 36C reviewer, “I needed to find a new strapless because my other one just didn't look natural. It was giving me too much on the top, and by the end of the day the bra was sitting way too low on my chest. This one, however, stays put! The transition from my chest to the bra is seamless so it looks very natural.” As you might expect, almost every review highlights the way this bra creates an uninterrupted line across your torso, with no obvious poking or bulging to worry about.

Buy it ($48)

Available in sizes 32C to 38DD


7. Best Bandeau: SKIMS Fits Everybody Bandeau

What It Promises: A smooth all-around silhouette that’s as comfortable as your favorite bralette.

What the Reviews Say: The biggest problem with bandeaus is they all too often create a uniboob situation, especially for those with anything bigger than a B cup. This SKIMS design combats that with an innovative stretch material that gently hugs and conforms to your curves and offers (albeit minimal) support without smashing the girls down or trying to compress your chest. It does an oddly good job of staying put, too, requiring minimal adjusting even with all-day wear. In fact, many of the reviewers seem surprised by how much they enjoy wearing this bra, even those with ample bosom. “I am a 40DD and my boobs don’t weigh [the material] down and it fits better than a strapless underwire bra does,” says one shopper. “And I don’t have to pull it up constantly it keeps my girls high and dry.” As to be expected, this bandeau won’t give you a ton of lift or a push-up effect, and the wide front and back band don’t easily accommodate low-cut tops or low-back dresses, which is something to keep in mind.

Buy it ($28)

Available in sizes XXS to 3X

Harper Wilde

8. Best for Nursing: The Harper Wilde Flex

What It Promises: This strapless offers breathable microfiber fabric that’s seamless, plus no-slip seams and light padding to give you lift and comfort at the same time. It also has an “x-bridge” at the center for easy folding in your dresser drawer or travel.

What the Reviews Say: As any new mom will tell you, nursing boobs fluctuate in size not just throughout the fourth trimester (as it’s often referred to), but throughout the day, too. And while there are definitely regular bras designed to make breast feeding easier and more comfortable, there aren’t so many strapless options. However, this Harper Wilde bra—which also works perfectly well for those who aren’t nursing—is made from an incredibly soft, slightly stretchy material that adjusts with your breasts so you don’t have to deal with gaping the morning and bulging the afternoon. It’s also lightly padded to give your boobs a little lift and extra coverage. Per one new mom, who finds herself fluctuating somewhere between a 34B and36C, “The full-coverage cups meant I wasn’t spilling out, but thanks to the padding and stretch of the material, I still had life and support at every size. In fact, the stretch made it surprisingly comfortable—and not something I was dying to rip off the second I got home.” As for nursing while wearing it? Simply lift your breast over the top and go to town.

Buy it ($40)

Available in sizes 32A to 42F


9. Editor’s Choice: Wacoal Halo Strapless

What It Promises: An elevated bandeau fit made from pretty lace material that’s sexy without showing too much.

What the Reviews Say: Three PureWow colleagues all claimed this lacey strapless to be their absolute favorite for two main reasons: silicone stays that don’t itch after a few hours and a breathable material that still offers coverage. “I’m seriously in love with this bra,” gushed one editor. “My boobs sit lower and wider on my chest, so most structured cup options just don’t fit right, but other minimalist styles are a little too minimalist for my taste (I don’t want to feel like my whole boob and nip is visible). This one hits that sweet spot right in the middle, with cups that conform to my body but don’t give away the whole farm.” In fact, this strapless is one of the best-selling styles at Nordstrom, with almost 200 five-star reviews that offer similar complements to the Halo’s comfortable but sturdy construction.

Buy it ($50)

Available in sizes 32B to 40DD

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