We Tried the Top Belt Hacks on TikTok. Here's What Worked (& What Definitely Didn't)

TikTok has introduced us to many a wild and wonderful thing, like pasta chips, the best way to secure your towel post-shower and how to do your makeup like Kang Sae-byeok from Squid Game. The app’s fashion hacks, in particular, run the gamut from getting double the use out of your cardigans to transforming your bikini bottoms into a chic bikini top. But we’ve recently been particularly fascinated by all the surprisingly chic ways you can style a regular ‘ole leather belt, from eliminating the need to poke new belt holes to using one to fake a cropped sweater. Here are four of the most popular belt hacks on the app, with our take on whether or not they’re worth repeating.

We Tried All the Top TikTok Bra Hacks—Here’s What Worked and What Didn’t

1. the Hip Belt As Waist Belt

How to do it: Pull your belt through the buckle so it is snug around your waist. Press the buckle prong down and pull your belt through the other side of the frame or the strap. (The belt should keep the prong in place without necessitating an actual belt hole.) To neatly tie up any excess material, loop the end under the belt then pull it back down through the new loop you’ve created.

How well it works: This hack is for those who want to wear a hip belt as a waist belt without poking a new hole. I found it very easy to follow and was surprised at how well it held up as I moved around throughout the day. I did need to readjust once but that’s a small price to pay now that I can get double the use out of my favorite hip-length belts.

Score: 5/5

2. hair Tie Helper

How to do it: Take a hair tie and pull it under your belt near the belt end. Hook the top loop of the hair tie around the belt end, then repeat with the bottom loop of the hair tie.

How well it works: The second hack in this video is intended to keep extra-long belt ends in check without futzing with bulky knots or wily straps. I’ve actually been using this hack for years, so it was funny to see it taking off on TikTok. Functionally I’d give this hack a 4 out of 5—it’s super easy to do and works incredibly well. Aesthetically, however, I give this a 3 out of 5. Even if you choose a thin hair tie in the same color as your belt, it’s still very obvious that it’s a hair accessory. I highly doubt most people would notice or even care, but if you’re going for a super clean, sleek look, this likely won’t work for you.

Score: 3.5/5

3. Smooth and Secure

How to do it: Attach a strip of double-sided tape to the inside of your belt end. Line the end up so it lays flat against your belt and press to secure.

How well it works: Just like the hack above, this one functions incredibly well but comes with some notable negatives. The biggest is that using double-sided tape runs the risk of damaging your belt (meaning the tape damage will be covered any time you have it on). This isn’t a huge deal if you plan to use this method all the time, but it’s not great. I think this hack would be fine in a pinch, but isn’t something I’d recommend for frequent use.

Score: 3/5

4. crop Top Fakeout

How to do it: Choose a thin belt, preferably in a color similar to that of your top. Fasten the belt around your waist over your top. Gently pull your top up leaving about one to two inches of fabric under the belt. Now, simply adjust your top so it folds down to cover the belt, leaving the impression of a cropped length.

How well it works: The success of this hack definitely depends on the material of your sweater or shirt. In fact, I’d say this really only works for medium-weight knits with enough thickness to successfully hide the belt but not so much that they balloon or look bulky when folded over. This wasn’t the most comfortable for all day wear, but it wasn’t so bad and looked very cute. You’ll have to play around with finding the right Cinderella combo for you, but it is definitely worth a try.

Score: 3/5

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