Have You Tried Wearing Your Cardigans Upside-Down? (Plus 3 Other Sweater Hacks We Learned on TikTok)

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There’s a very specific type of excitement we feel when we stumble upon an innovative style or beauty hack that suddenly makes something mundane feel, well, actually fun. For example, the fact that you can safely hang sweaters to make room in your drawers or that hair ties and safety pins are the answer to all your off-the-shoulder styling needs. And don’t forget, earrings and buttons are the ultimate adorable (and useful) duo.

Recently, we also discovered that, contrary to popular belief, you can wear a cardigan in many more ways than just buttoned or unbuttoned. According to the supremely clever creators on TikTok, we now know there are tons of novel ways to wear a cardi—so long as you think a little outside the box. Here, four fun new ways to turn your coziest winter staple on its head.

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1. Flip It Upside Down

Probably the easiest hack on this list, all you need is a cardigan with a drapey fit (rather than a thin, form-fitting style). Simply flip it upside down so the back of the collar (i.e., where the tag is), sits on your lower back and put your arms through the sleeves as usual. Then, pull the two ends of the cardigan around your shoulders and voila! A fun cropped twist anyone can achieve.

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Finished Look:

upside down cardigan image

2. A Bulk-Free Tuck

As one TikTok user asked, “How do you tuck cardigans in without looking chubby?” Well, creator @mmivia has two easy solutions you can try. The first is to tie a single knot with the ends of your cardigan right at the top of your pants or skirt. Then, tuck the loose ends underneath the hem of your sweater. (If you really want to secure them in place, you can use safety pins, secured from the inside.)

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Finished Look:

tucked cardigan one

3. A Bulk-Free Tuck—With a Twist

Mmivia’s second bulk-free tuck trick is to wrap the ends of your cardigan one over the other, then repeat to make a statement-making twist, rather than a knot. Step two is just the same: Tuck the loose ends back under your cardigan and out of sight. The benefit of this version is that it has a slightly looser fit, so you can adjust how much coverage your cardi provides and give it a looser slouch, should you so desire.

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Finished Look:

tucked cardigan two

4. Use a Shoelace to Crop Your Knits

This clever trick will work for just about any sweater, cardigan or otherwise. All you need is a shoelace or another sturdy string (a thin belt would also work, in a pinch). Tie the string around your waist and knot it in place, over your knit. Then gently pull your sweater up and through the top of the string until it flops over to just the right length you’re looking for.

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Finished Look:

false tuck sweater



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