8 Brand-New Ways to Rock a Cardigan

This easy style of knit is making its way back into sweater drawers everywhere, and we’re loving all the modern takes. Here are eight fresh and fabulous ways to channel your inner Cher Horowitz (not your inner grandma) and rock a cardigan like a pro this winter.

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woman with cardigan belted over a dress1
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Belt One Over A Dress

Here’s an example of how adding a third piece to any outfit can instantly make you look more fashionable. A cardigan and dress alone will certainly keep you warm, but layering a belt over both makes the final look much more interesting (and waist-defining). 

Get the look: American Eagle Outfitters ($50); Banana Republic ($106); Cupcakes and Cashmere ($150); Anine Bing ($229)

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Wear It As A Top

We particularly love this trick for when we’re bored with our other blouses. Button it up all the way or leave just a couple undone, and suddenly you have a whole host of new shirts to play with.

Get the look: Old Navy ($25); Leith ($55); Draper James for ELOQUII ($95); Alice + Olivia ($395)

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Layer It Under A Blazer

If you’re going to wear your cardigan like a shirt, take it a step further and layer it like one, too. Rock it under a blazer for work or with a denim jacket for the weekend.

Get the look: 1901 ($79); Ann Taylor ($80); Knot Sisters ($115); Marc Jacobs ($425)

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Pair A Long Cardi With A Miniskirt

The trick here is to choose a cardigan that hits a couple of inches above the hem of your skirt for a look that’s perfectly proportioned and totally on trend.

Get the look: ModCloth ($49); Madewell ($98); Vince Camuto ($159); Joie ($180)

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Button It Like A Cape

Cape-ing, verb: To drape a jacket or sweater over your shoulders instead of slipping your arms through the sleeves. It’s a great trick for hanging onto your jacket while looking chic and nonchalant. Fastening the top button of a sweater has the same stylish effect without the worry of it slipping.

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Try A Maxi-length

This super-cozy style not only lets you feel like you’re sporting your favorite cashmere robe all day, it’s also a cool alternative to a light jacket while the weather has yet to reach truly cold temperatures.

Get the look: Ellos ($63); Lane Bryant ($80); Addition Elle ($119); Tibi ($330); Madeleine Thompson ($515)

Or Sport Your Long Cardi As A Dress

No need to go shopping for a trendy new sweater dress. Simply button and tie your favorite maxi cardigan and wear it as a dress in its own right, just like Coterie member Monroe Steele. Tip: Go up a size to help with any pulling around the buttons.

Get the look: BP. ($33); Topshop ($80); Halogen ($101); Eileen Fisher ($311)

woman wearing a cardigan and matching skirt
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Wear A Matching Set

A sweater and skirt combo feels much more fresh and contemporary than the shell-and-cardigan sets of yore. 

Get the look: J.Crew cardigan ($90) and skirt ($118); Akemi + Kim cardigan ($188) and skirt ($70); Kate Spade New York cardigan ($298) and skirt ($298)



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