The Best Beauty & Fashion TikTok Accounts for the Latest Trends and Inspo

It’s totally OK to admit you’ve been mindlessly scrolling through TikTok. (Honestly, who hasn’t?) And while we can’t get enough of the dance numbers, skits and lip sync masterpieces, the social platform also happens to be a fantastic source for fashion and beauty inspo. Whether it’s a new colorful eye look challenge or ways to replicate your fave TV show into your style, we’ve rounded up 16 accounts to keep on your radar for when you need some fresh ideas.

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1. @abbyrartistry

Best for TV Character Looks

Abby Roberts (@abbyrartistry) has plenty of beauty how-tos like how to do your own lashes or freckles. However, it’s her character looks—and her special effects technique— that has her 10.4 million followers hitting the heart button. Whether she’s turning into Walter White from Breaking Bad or Joe Exotic from Tiger King, her looks will have you doing a double-take.

2. @skincarebyhyram

Best for Skincare Recommendations

If you ever see CeraVe and The Ordinary products floating around the social platform, chances are Hyram (@skincarebyhyram) had a hand in making them some of the go-to beauty brands to add to your skincare routine. Whether you have oily, sensitive or acne-prone skin, the TikToker has a few recommendations for you. Plus we can’t get enough of when he reacts to his followers or celebrity skincare routines.

3. @dezhopkins

Best for Playing with Bold Color

While some influencers might shy away from looking at the comments, Dez Hopkins (@dezhopkins) embraces them and gets cool looks out of them. She leads us through every step down to make it easy for you to mimic the look. Regardless of which vid you click on, her excitement to try the requests for the first time is enough to hit the follow button.

4. @whatsonvisface

Best for Skincare Breakdowns

Skincare jargon got you stumped? No problem. Vi (@whatsonvisface) breaks down some notable ingredients found in your fave products while teaching you why it’s so important to include (or avoid it) in your beauty routine.

5. @donidarkowitz

Best for Creative Eyebrows

Leave Tajia Reed (@donidarkowitz) to make colorful brows look good. Whether she’s rocking a pink, purple or red style, Reed has us itching to do our own brows too.

6. @brittany.xavier

Best for Recreating Current Fashion Trends

Brittany Xavier (@brittany.xavier) will have you searching for ‘how to expand your wardrobe space’ in seconds. From her impressive shoe collection to her designer bags, the influencer is all about giving you some tips to upgrade your style. Xavier also has a way of making our jaws drop to the floor when she’s recreating celeb fashion, making looks based on her fave cities and joining in on the TikTok trends with her daughter.

7. @the.navarose

Best for Aesthetic Looks

Have a specific aesthetic? Chances are Alexa Jade (@the.navarose) tried and tested it (and she can pull off just about any style). If you’re into cottagecore, the soft girl look or monochrome, to name a few, Jade has some options for you to try. The TikToker also adds DIY into her looks like upgrading old clothes that use to belong to her uncle.

8. @janiceglimmer

Best for Pop Culture-Inspired Outfits

While we can’t get enough of Janice Glimmer (@janiceglimmer) combining zodiac signs, old films and current trends into her fashion looks, and we’re always excited to see what outfits she pairs with her mom’s. Inspired by popular TV shows and films, the duo we didn’t know we needed (and have us ready to call our own moms to start a fashion moment).

9. @victorialyn

Best for Unique Product Reviews

If you constantly rely on the reviews before adding any product in your shopping cart, chances are Victoria Lyn (@victorialyn) might’ve tried it for you. From popular Kosas products to Disney Princess-themed skincare, Lyn gives you a close look at every product from start to finish.

10. @denisemmercedes

Best for Affordable Outfit Hauls

When a site’s images of an outfit just don’t convince you enough to buy it, let Denise Mercedes (@denisemmercedes) give you a better visual representation. The influencer tries different brands like Amazon, Fashion Nova and Boohoo, to name a few. The best part? Mercedes even has another fellow TikToker to show off the same look (and break the stigma that one style of clothing is only right for one body size).

11. @zahraa_hberro

Best for Modest Styling

Beauty influencer and entrepreneur Zahraa (@zahraa_hberro) has a few beauty and fashion tips for you without leaving the app. If you need to clean up your brows or learn how to style your hijab, she has you covered.

12. @glitterandlazers

Best for Transforming Your Clothes

Have a dress you haven’t worn yet because you don’t know how to style it? Or have a shirt lying around that can use some DIY magic? Whether you need help wearing a slip dress, high waisted shorts or how to transform an everyday shirt, Anna O’Brien (@glitterandlazers) has the tips and tutorials you’ll need.

13. @chrisellelim

Best for Fashion Tips

Known as the “rich mom” on TikTok, Chriselle Lim (@Chrisellelim) is showing how we can turn any style into high fashion. Whether you need to learn how to style an all-white outfit or making your cheap items look expensive, the fashion stylist gives her 2 million followers the essentials. (We also can’t get enough of her daughter styling her vids.)

14. @inmyseams

Best for Event Outfit Ideas

A good style hack is always the way to go, and Janette (@Inmyseams) is a pro. From wedding outfits to her fave tops for women with large chest, Ok is all about upgrading what you already have lying in your closet.

15. @iambrattyb

Best for Beauty and Fashion Looks

Most times fashion and beauty blend together, so it’s no surprise Ariam (@iambrattyb) shares a mix of both. You can find some fashion outfits inspired by ‘80s TV shows or a “lazy wig install” vid while marveling at the smooth transitions she brings to complete a look.

16. @trendycurvy

Best for Celebrity Looks

OK, you have all the essentials: dresses, leggings, fave pair of jeans, but you don’t know how to put it all together and make it look chic. Well, Kristine Thompson (@trendycurvy) has the answer to all your fashion questions. The fashion influencer even recreates celeb looks for plus size women to try on their own.

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