The Best TikTok Accounts for Moms to Follow (Because Your Kids Shouldn’t Have All the Fun)

You joined TikTok so you could keep an eye on what your kids were doing—and soon found yourself in front of the bathroom mirror, trying to perfect your body roll to the beat of Meghan Thee Stallion’s “Savage.” It happens to the best of us. (I mean, have you seen Jessica Alba’s account?!) As much as the video-sharing app has been deemed a platform for Gen Z, it’s surprisingly useful, entertaining and—OK—mind-numbing for parents, too. So step away from The Facebook, because you’re not a regular mom, you’re a Cool Mom™. These are the best TikTok accounts to follow right now.

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If You’re In It For The Lols, Follow…

1. @kellymanno

She’s “just a mom. Standing in front of her phone. Trying to embarrass her kids,” and we love her for it. From her ‘90s throwback dance videos to skits revealing the archetypes of moms on social media, Kelly’s TikToks will make you stop scrolling every time.

2. @treynkennedy

Trey Kennedy’s Day 1 vs. Day 50 in quarantine series will make you feel seen. Or like he’s bugged your home and is sourcing material directly from your life. (Because, seriously, is it the sixth day in a row you’ve worn that hoodie?)

3. @ameliavandament

Once you get over how incredible Amelia’s hair looks, you will become obsessed with her takes on unsolicited parenting advice and meme-y lip dubs (her take on cleaning the house is A+). Oh, and every so often, she breaks up the jokes with hairstyling tutorials, so…you’re welcome.

If You Need Some Relatable Moms In Your Feed, Hit Up…

4. @iamtabithabrown

When you need a soothing voice of reassurance, Tabitha Brown is it. Her posts put you at ease, and they’re always pretty uplifting, whether she’s trying paleo pancakes for the first time, sharing a joke from her dad (“What do you call a bear with no teeth?”) or helping you acknowledge and work through the pain in your life.

5. @courteink

Whether she’s sharing beauty fails or showing the reality of trying to navigate Target without buying anything, Courtney Inkpen’s TikToks remind you that you’re not alone, finding humor in the everyday realities of parenting. Her take on finally getting her baby asleep and creeping away to go to the bathroom is all too real.

6. @raising_krazies

Ever feel like the moment you birthed a child your identity morphed into “Moooom” (shrieked from across the house, from a 3-year-old demanding his hiney be wiped)? Mandy, the mama behind @Raising_Krazies, gets it, with her TikToks on what it’s like being surrounded by adorable little dictators.

If You’re Looking For Ingenious Cooking Ideas, Check Out…

7. @playonfoods

If you can’t get your kids to eat their fruits and veggies, look no further. This account turns snack time into play time, and you’ll be 100 percent on board with these fun, dietician-approved ideas, like carrot-and-cuke tic tac toe, or making watermelon “pizzas.” The best part? None of these treats is too complicated for the average Joe (or Jane) to tackle. Promise.

8. @sulheejessica

Even if you’re homeschooling, the kids’ lunch rut is all too real. You don’t want to serve the same thing every day, but you don’t have hours to spend creating a bento box that resembles each and every character of Paw Patrol. Jessica Sulhee’s TikTok has all the inspo you need for fun bento boxes to win over picky eaters—without having them take over your life.

9. @erekasfood

Finally, a cooking show for the time-starved: Each of Ereka’s episodes clocks in at 60 seconds and will leave you ready to conquer the kitchen. @Erekasfood features a range of dishes, from making cavatappi from scratch to creating your own biscotti to go with that viral whipped coffee.

If You Just Wanna Dance, Don’t Miss…

10. @allisonholkerboss

Allison Holker Boss calls herself a “mom who likes to dance,” but that’s totally underselling her skills. The So You Think You Can Dance star and her husband, Ellen show DJ Stephen “tWitch” Boss, regularly post coordinated dance vids that make you go, “Oh, OK, I can do that,” until you spend the next six hours trying to master their flow…and failing miserably.

11. @liahamiltondavila

Lia went viral on her son’s TikTok after he posted a video of her dancing. The former Morris Brown College drum line dancer proved she’s still got it, and her posts will give you life—and make you want to get down, too.

12. @jessicaalba

Few moms have gotten into TikTok dance challenges quite like Jessica Alba, and she crushes every. Single. One. But her best may be the time she convinced her husband, Cash Warren, to join in. His expression throughout the TikTok is everything.

If You Just Want To Be Wowed, Follow…

13. @thetikdoc

You’ve never met a doctor like this before. @TheTikDoc is an actual blood and cancer doctor and his vids are like eating vitamin-coated Skittles. You’re getting the nutrients you need (in this case, info on iron deficiencies, COVID-19 symptom information and ways to get rid of hiccups, to name a few) but you’re so entertained throughout each clip that it doesn’t feel like you’re being lectured.

14. @jettsetfarmhouse

HGTV fans, we’ve found your new addiction. @Jettsetfarmhouse shares how they DIY’ed their entire home reno, learning as they went. The account offers a mix of tutorials and inspo that will have you dreaming of your next room refresh.

15. @leticiagardner

Shocked that Leticia’s got a teenage daughter? Yeah, she hears that a lot (so much so that she’s devoted a few Tiktoks to it). You’ll want to learn her secrets, which she shares in mini workout posts that show you how she uses squats, lunges and items found in her house—like doing leg lifts with her couch—to stay fit.

16. Bonus: @purewow

We couldn’t end this list without a shameless plug. With a mix of life hacks, ridiculously easy recipes (mama needs a White Claw Slushie!) and OOTD, our TikTok is basically the site you know and love, brought to life.

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