Reese Witherspoon Asked Her Son Deacon to Help Explain TikTok & Hilarity Ensued

Reese Witherspoon spent her weekend investigating a question that has been haunting moms for months: What on earth is TikTok?

On Sunday, the Big Little Lies star, 43, posted a video on Instagram documenting the moment her son Deacon Phillippe (15) taught her how to use the social media video app.

In the clip, Witherspoon tracks down Deacon and demands he help her with a burning question: “For all the moms out there, what is TikTok?”

The 15-year-old goes on to explain the logistics, saying, “It’s a short-form video platform for, like, kids. Social media.”

After Witherspoon confirms that it involves singing and/or dancing to music, she asks the next logical question: “Should I be on TikTok?”

“You should,” Deacon says. And he instantly regrets it.

Witherspoon proceeds to perform a series of dance moves in an attempt to create her very first post. After a few tries and lots of eye rolling (from Deacon, of course), the actress settles on a multi-screen video of herself posing with various objects, like sunglasses, a water bottle and her new bulldog puppy named Lou.

The video concludes with Witherspoon suggesting a few handle options, including “Reese Tik,” “Reese Tok” and “Reese to the Tik to the Tok.” Ultimately, Deacon decides on @officialreesetiktok.

She captioned the post, “@deaconphillippe tries to teach me how to TikTok. I think I nailed it…”

So much so that we’re already one of Witherspoon’s 60,000 (and counting) fans on TikTok.


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