How to Keep Off the Shoulder Tops in Place

Off-the-shoulder tops are the latest trend we’ve developed a love-hate relationship with. They’re super-adorable and majorly flattering, and yet they never seem to actually stay off our shoulders unless we stand with our arms pinned to our sides all day. Here’s how to get your full range motion back without sacrificing style—all you need are four safety pins and two hair ties.

Step 1: Secure Hair Tie to Safety Pins

Loop one hair tie through two of the pins, so the pins are on either end and the elastic is in the middle.

Step 2: Attach Pins to Shirt

Clip one pin to the front of the shirt and one on the back (where a strap would be) on the inside seam of the top.

Step 3: Repeat on the Other Side

Complete the same process with the remaining hair tie and pins on the other sleeve.

Step 4: Put on the Top With Your Arms Above the Elastic

Slip your arms into the shirtsleeves over the hair tie so that it sits just below your armpit. This will prevent the shirt from riding back up your shoulder. Now swing those arms with abandon. 

Additional Reporting by Abby Hepworth

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