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You love your Aunt Amelia the most, but spending four consecutive days under the same roof is enough to put anyone over the edge. So here are a few—well, actually 24—tips for keeping your family entertained when they’re lingering around your house with nowhere to be.

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1. Bust out the adult coloring books.

2. Gather everyone for a group photo. (Hey, might as well since you’re all together, plus your iPhone earbuds work like a charm if you can’t find anyone to snap the pic.)

3. Whip up a batch of red wine hot chocolate—the ultimate antidote to high-strung relatives.

4. Cue up Ina Garten’s White House cooking special, Barefoot in Washington. (Yeah, like you’d ever erase that episode from your DVR.)

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5. Go to the movies. (FYI, the new Amy Adams flick Arrival is a must-see.)

6. Download a digital mermaid blanket pattern for $3 and encourage a bit of family-friendly DIY.

7. Re-watch all the most recent Carpool Karaoke episodes with James Corden—a boredom buster for all ages. (Not kidding.)

8. Get started on Netflix’s new series The Crown. (Guys, it’s so so so good.)


9. Play Head’s Up—or another super-fun holiday party game.

10. Introduce your relatives to Slow TV, a meditative (and nonverbal) way to zone out. 

11. Host an impromptu articles club. (It’s the new book club, FYI.) 

12. Whip up some beer cocktails. (Never a bad idea.)


13. Gather everyone for a walk/hike/jog. (Family rule: No phones allowed.) 

14. Bust out awkward family videos for a trip down memory lane.

15. Binge old episodes of Gilmore Girls. (The new season premieres on Netflix on November 25, yay!)

16. Map out your next family reunion—maybe at a gorgeous (and much more spacious) Airbnb.


17. Blast some holiday music and mix up several batches of stove-top potpourri.

18. Get a jump start on Christmas shopping with a family trip to the mall. (After all, the early bird gets to relax.) 

19. Re-watch the PBS special Hamilton’s America. (Right after you finish that Ina one.)

20. Band together to finish a crossword puzzle—good for bonding and your mental health.


22. Amazon Prime a slew of new best sellers for everyone to read. (Two-day shipping, FTW.)

23. Pick out a new cookbook—and baking project.

24. Last resort: Play this song on repeat. It can reduce stress—especially the family kind—by 65 percent.

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