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Back in the day, your family was killing it with their home-movie game--ballet recitals, Mickey Mouse-themed birthday parties, good ole’ slice of life moments (can you believe the carpet situation in 1985?). But now you have stacks of VHS tapes and no VCR to play them on. (Plus, video tapes don’t age so well.) So what to do?

Well, you’re certainly not going to waste a Saturday trying to figure out one of those DVD-converter-box thingies. Instead, we have a better idea: Send them out to a professional. 

Services like Costco’s YesVideo (starting at $20) or Walgreen’s iMemories (starting at $35) will transfer your tapes to DVDs or even to cloud storage online. Depending on how many home movies you have, you might need to make a few different orders (one DVD holds two hours of content). Just maybe make sure you organize the tapes first (by year, by theme, whatever floats your boat).

Spending a little cash is well worth it, gaining you much more closet space and peace of mind. Now go enjoy the nostalgia of your once-favorite jorts.

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