Doing This One Thing on Instagram Means You’re a Narcissist, Says Science

woman looking at her phone

Reasons we love the ’Gram: mouthwatering eats, adorable animals and life-changing beauty tutorials. Posts we could do without: braggy workout selfies, latte art and sunsets. (#sorrynotsorry.)

And now science has weighed in on our Instagram habits and come up with some pretty interesting findings. While it may come as no surprise that people who post a lot of selfies tend to be narcissistic, it turns out that how you respond to those posts says a lot about you too—and it’s not good.

According to scientists at Sejong University in South Korea, people who “Like” and follow serial selfie-posters are also more likely to be narcissists themselves. The research published in Computers in Human Behavior found that those who post selfies on the photo-sharing app are more likely to follow “arrogant” and “attention-seeking” users. Translation? Narcissists are drawn to other narcissists (at least on Instagram).

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