The Most-Followed Pets on Instagram Are the Cutest Things You’ll See All Day

Does your Instagram feed feature more animals than people? Hey, no judgment. But while your friend’s new Goldendoodle is totally great, you’re going to want to prepare yourself for cuteness overload with this list of the most famous pets on Instagram. These guys are so adorable, we’re not even mad that they lead cooler lives than we do (and have more followers).

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jiff pom famous pet on instagram


This ridiculously fluffy Pomeranian is basically puppy royalty. He has 7.2 million followers on Instagram, holds three Guinness World Records (including the fastest dog on two paws), has appeared in commercials and was even featured in a Katy Perry music video. (See what we mean about these pets having cooler lives than us?)

nala the cat instagram famous pet


Hanging out in boxes, snuggling in bed and dressing up in costumes are just some of the things that this seven-year-old Siamese and Tabby mix loves to do. Oh and stretching (hey, us too).

doug the pug famous instagram dog


You’ll aww at the cuteness of that wrinkly face, then laugh out loud at the spot-on captions. Like this pic that’s captioned: “‪When someone asks if they can take a bite of ur food before u even had a bite.” We know the feeling, Doug.

marutoro shiba inu famous dog on instagram


This Shiba Inu’s name, Maru, is Japanese for “round,” and he’s one of the fluffiest and cuddliest pups on social media. Not to mention how chic he is—just look at that backpack. (We assume it’s filled with doggy treats.)

real grumpy cat instagram photo


Dubbed “the world's grumpiest cat,” this mixed-breed kitty has feline dwarfism, which causes her to look permanently cranky. But her owners reassure us that she’s actually happy, cuddly and loves to be rubbed.

marnie the dog with demi lovato instagram famous pet


With her hilarious long tongue and adorable head tilt, it’s no wonder that this 16-year-old shih tzu has so many celebrity pals.

tuna will melt your heart instagram famous chihuahua1


If this Chihuahua’s giant overbite and wrinkly neck don’t win you over, then his goofiness and fun-loving spirit definitely will.

juniper the foxx instagram famous pet


Meet Juniper, the domestic red fox who loves to eat socks, hide food for later and cuddle with her best friend, Moose the dog. Yep, these guys are basically the real-life The Fox and the Hound.

bub the cat on instagram


A published author, talk show host and movie star, Lil Bub has also helped raise over $500,000 for animals in need.

loki the dog famous pet on instragam travel photo


Loki is a handsome husky who loves the Great Outdoors. Warning: Following him on Instagram will give you serious wanderlust.