How to Snap a Selfie with Your Earbuds

For all the moments your arm can't reach

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It’s the holidays and every single family member is actually in the same room. You want to capture the moment but feel awkward asking one non-important relative (like your aunt’s third husband Ned) to step out of the group shot to snap the pic. Good thing we found an easier way.

What you need: Your iPhone and your earbuds (the ones that came with your phone).

What you do: Plug in your headphones and prop your iPhone on a nearby bookshelf or piece of furniture--wherever you can get the best angle to capture the whole group. Put your iPhone on selfie mode (meaning, the camera faces toward you) and when everyone + Ned is ready, hit either the plus or minus volume button on your earbuds to snap the pic.

That’s it? Yep. Your aunt will thank you. Ned will thank you. Way to keep the peace.

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