7 Amazon Prime Benefits You Might Not Know About

Only chumps pay for shipping

You got Amazon Prime ($99 per year) for the free two-day shipping, and at this point it has probably paid for itself. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of these seven other, lesser-known membership perks.

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Membership Sharing
You know how you can have multiple people under one Netflix account? Yep, same kinda goes for Amazon Prime. There are a few caveats as to whom you’re allowed to share with (for instance, you can technically share with only one person), but still, it’s nice to spread the love. Your sister-in-law did give you access to her HBO Go, after all.

No-Rush Shopping Credit
Here’s a secret: If you opt to forgo the two-day shipping, you could get  digital credits toward e-books, movies or Prime Pantry orders (more on that later). Just select No-Rush Shipping at checkout and a credit (how much depends on what you’re buying) will be added to your account when the order ships.

Super-Speedy Delivery
On the other hand, if you can’t even wait the usual two days, look into Prime Now, which offers two-hour delivery for no additional charge in a number of regions. (Dude, sometimes you just need diapers ASAP.)

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Streaming Video and Music
You probably know they exist, but you really should take advantage of Prime Music and Prime Video for a surprisingly robust (and sometimes delightfully obscure) assortment. Don’t discount video add-on subscriptions either, which give you access to premium selections from Showtime, Starz and the like for a few extra dollars per month.

Unlimited Photo Storage
If the pictures from your last vacation are clogging up your phone and computer, consider taking advantage of Amazon’s free unlimited cloud photo service.

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Free Kindle Books
Listen up, bookworms. In addition to using Amazon’s 500,000-title library,Prime members can borrow one free book per month from a preset list (of pretty varied titles). It’s the little things, folks.

Discounts on Groceries
Think of Amazon Prime Pantry as a hassle-free way to get low-priced groceries sent to your door. For a flat-rate fee of $5.99 you can fill a box with up to 45 pounds of stuff--everything from 90 detergent gel packs ($11.55) to a 12-pack of coconut water ($13.55). 

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